“Leadership deals with people and their dynamics, which are continually changing. The challenge of leadership is to create change and facilitate growth.”

– John C. Maxwell
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Passionate about helping others achieve the sovereignty that enables them to live their most satisfying and liberating life, mayryanna Shakti is proud to offer her multidisciplinary skills as a facilitator for retreats and workshops. Her integrative metaphysical modalities can offer benefits for both group or 1-on-1 programming. She is honored to offer the following options for inclusions in your next event:

Each service offered can be highly tuned to address the themes you will be addressing with your participants. Many of these practices will provide your clients with tools that can support ongoing integration of complex growth when they return home as well.

Book an Exploration Call with mayryanna Shakti to discuss how these unique and powerful offerings can harmonize with other progressive consciousness activities to elevate the potential long-term impact of your upcoming retreat or workshop.

“I loved May’s Kundalini class. The overall flow of the class was very harmonious and energizing. She’s calm and clear in her instructions. Loved the choice of music as well! Highly recommend her.”

Tanja S. ~ Teacher & Entrepreneur

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