In so many ways, I’ll never be ready to talk about last weekend and this subsequent week since. In so many others, I’ll always be talking about these changes that have erupted so suddenly…

Fall came quick with evening chill – and just like that, life is different again.

I’m so full of greatness, it’s overflowing and cascading – mixing with the equally sovereign essences of gods and goddesses resurrected infinitely. There is no way out, only recycling, so reckon I might as well make the best with what I’ve got.

Pulling in closer, we retract and subdue – subtler, subtler, but no less potent.

I’m beyond ready, I’m flowing – my self the pouring over that saturates nows, no longer something I’m fighting as it attempts to prove itself. The other, my beloveds – sweet divine love bridging all sense.

Carried away, not out but back in – we rediscover our magick in stillness.

Call, call, I beckon the call – could life ever be simpler then when I let go of it all? Beckon my heart, my voice and my soul, truth is all I am to be found – even after the fall – even ugly, even pained, it redeems even hell.

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