Shadows dancing on the floor so hypnotic
making the surface just beyond something
demonic to my senses, so violently erotic –
is this what they call instinct, basic being?
I can smell them just beyond, sweaty greed –
blinded by their justification and reasoning
willing in ignorant torture my hate to feed
each abusive act revenge nurturing
The cruel is that hold me captive, a Wild –
at most my sin is short and sweetly
drank up by coat, eyes, skin, or child –
release your spirit, surrender weakly
My ivory teeth stained pink –
it only took one miss-key
yet what the people must think –
watching me kill so greedily
They don’t know why
how I’ve been pained
it’s all a vicious lie
no joy possibly gained
My baby, my baby!
They took her from me!
Help me maybe?
Where is she?!
they’re coming
all of them
keep hiding
find a den
find it
the exit
light –

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