claim to the Heartland
that raised me
forests that whispered
Life’s secrets
wandering through dark
Danger’s places
the alleys and the caves
the strangers
I sung my praises young
in honor
of hard lessons learned
for better
of Destruction’s strength
of Regeneration’s beauty
it made us all tough


now let us make new
find reason for joy
support Generation
Let’s rise up again
in respect
liberation from fear
in honor of Destiny
we will win much more
than any war
championing empires
without lines
I see a horizon at the edge of this world

there’s a great revelation a chance for rebirth

to start anew without judgment, without need for fear

no lies even to themselves and they be lessened by more

each their own kingdom, each their own cause

each a chance for exploration of the great consciousness beyond

they will find the endlessness that never stopped creating

everything – nothing – the order of chaos and greatness

a chance for feeling and knowing all has its opposition

we will find our joy when we’ve found what it means to be exactly who we are when we are what we are how we are but most important why

so find the answers in looking around at the beauty and the splendor

open your arms and trust in the more

a little more a little more a little more a little more a little more a little more…

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