As an eclectic Pagan, I observe the Wheel of the Year and Moon Phases as well as astrology to inform and color my life. The Super Full Moon in Virgo today has largely slipped through my grasp though.

Typically, I am more aware and consider the energies of a full moon long before it arrives, so that I can observe it with knowing and sensitivity for whatever opportunities it might bring. Yet, somehow this moon came and went and I’m still grappling to understand its significance.

Regardless, I did a restorative Yamuna Body Rolling class, had a Crystal Bed Session and got my Bach Flower Remedy scan done for the month – setting the intention to “release my attachment to the idea that success is difficult.” Even despite not knowing the essence of this moon, this all just felt right so I went with it.

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Turning the tides for myself

Generally speeking, full moons represent a climax – the sudden release of pressure from changing the act of waxing to that of waining – a transition that both completes a cycle of building as well as starts a cycle of tearing down. It’s a celebratory harvest as well as the careful acknowledgement that changes and preparations for the future are needed.

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So, without my usual understanding of the current cosmic dance, I will go within rather than without to inform this full moon. What has climaxed in my life recently? What transitions are taking place and what preparations to I feel called to start making? What am I releasing? What am I making room for? What have I learned this past month that will forever inform my future?

Climactic Transitions

Well, the easiest place to start is probably the most obvious: since the last full moon I’ve acquired a romantic relationship. This has been quite the transition – I hadn’t realized how obsessive I had become with my personal growth until this distraction of pleasurable company got me out of my head and back into my life in so many ways.

Additionally, my Mastermind Integration Group and my personal Coaching both came to an end in the last couple weeks, leaving me astonished at the massive impact these experiences have made in my life. I’m quite surprised at the insane amount of gratification I experience looking back on this relatively short period of time; I have changed significantly in these past few months and rather than feeling like I need more of these resources, I feel ready to fiercely take on the world.

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So yea, that’s not new (Aotheosis retreats have left me with this feeling before) but, it’s enduring nature certainly is… And that excites me to no end!

I feel that in and of itself, this feeling of resiliency is preparing me for what’s coming next. What could it be? I don’t know entirely, but I have some ideas…

Facing the future with bold yet humble excitement

I am releasing the belief that I have to do it all on my own in order to achieve success. I have been inviting more and more creative and healing collaborators into my life and feel this trend has only just begun to gain traction.

I am releasing the attention and desperation I pay to the idol of perfection as well as the destination addiction I have maintained with regard to my own enlightenment. I have been allowing myself to experience my own enlightenment more and more, just as a being – not requiring any “dos” or “haves” and no longer animating, texturing and otherwise bringing to life the distance between myself and my enlightenment.

I have been allowing myself to experience my own enlightenment more and more, just as a being – not requiring any “dos” or “haves” and no longer animating, texturing and otherwise bringing to life the distance between myself and my enlightenment.

I am fully and completely releasing my shame, insecurity and self-doubt. I have seen with new eyes how these habits are gratifying my devolved self and keeping me from fulfilling my purpose to help this world transform itself…

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I am cutting away all the bullshit to make room for my most actualized self. Not for becoming, not for creating, not for striving – I am releasing all of the grasping tendencies of my fear ladened hive-mind and stepping fully into the essence of my being.

It’s kind of a big deal

Laying in a restorative pose, opening my hips up over a Yamuna ball, I found myself completely free – I entered the ether within my existance that isn’t held by earth’s gravity, I fell into the timelessness of a single moment and I floated, flitted and flew – unconstrained by matter, space or time. I became a Sprite, a rambunctious and playful spirit made up of elated children’s laughter and the gentle, silent seduction of flowers… I found my enlightenment down deep beyond my pains and tensions, not in fighting them but in relaxing, accepting, just letting all the excess melt away – and I finally let myself be.

I will carry on knowing full well that this changes everything, even though I have no idea what to expect. Regardless of what comes, I have nothing more to become… I will always and forevermore be Mayryanna, just as I am, just as I have always been – a part of everything and apart from nothing.

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      1. I can’t wait. Should you decide to blog about it, that is. Otherwise, I might bug you for it over the phone hahaha. Either way, want to know the difference between the full and new moons (energetically) and what the significance of the Pagan Sabbots mean.

      2. Oh gurlll you in for it then because there are few things I enjoy talking about more lol!! ❤ There will definitely be more posts I think but never hesitate to ask if you want some info, any time 😘

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