Global Tribe Divination: April 2020

The world is experiencing more stillness and slowing. Perhaps that is why, despite pulling these cards yesterday on the 1st, I couldn’t post them yet.

It seemed as though the Universe was saying, “yes, April is here, but this first day is mine.” So I let April 1st come and go in silence on the blog… Honoring the external stillness with my own peacefulness internally.

The subdued energy has indeed lifted though, at least with regard to this month’s reading, so let’s jump right in:

Starting with Continuation

Ten of Pentacles (reversed)

Our first card for the month, the Ten of Pentacles, was pulled reversed. This means that the idealistic success/progress of the material realms are being called into question, within us.

I see this to be a continuation of March’s COVID-19 pandemic energy. People, quite literally, turning within and systems, structures and statistics becoming increasingly questioned. It may even seem as if our world has been “turned on its head.”

Seeing this card start our reading actually gives me hope because it makes me feel seen. Perhaps everything is a mess right now but, as long as the Divine is reflecting back what we are experiencing there is hope that we will be able to work through it.

So what is the work? Especially this first week of April, leading up to the Full Moon in the 7th, do not resist the cognitive dissonance and questions about reality as they arise. We are all being asked to get comfortable being uncomfortable.

Beyond that, what are the ways in which this destabilization could potentially challenge the status quo, dismantle archaic systems and benefit society? We all know we cannot fix problems using the same thinking that created them – and now, for perhaps the first time in history, the entire planet’s human population is having to break down old ways of thinking… So what will it be replaced with and how are each one of us ensuring things get back to better instead of just back to normal?

Making Progressive Choices

Queen of Swords

Our next card, the Queen of Swords, carries in with in the energy of our Libra Full Moon. You can expect for things to become clear on or around the 7th, and quite suddenly too. It might even potentially feel like energetic whiplash after over a month of dissonance.

Prepare yourself. Keep a journal and make notes about the thoughts you have leading up to the Full Moon, reflect on how isolation and the pandemic has truly affected you. Do what you can to orient yourself amidst the chaos, not to any external thing but to your own soul’s connection to Truth.

Despite its potential for progress, the energy of this card can also be aggressive. We see that the Queen’s sword is even serrated – a formidable, cutting weapon. Being a ruler in the realms of Air and Thought, if left unchecked and untethered by Truth, her mercilessness may come through and you might find yourself exhibiting hurtful speech and demoralizing thoughts.

However, if tempered by the Truth and used to rectify and set right the manipulative and unjust cognitive habituations of society, this weapon can be used for the good of all rather than merely the shortsighted assertions of our frustrations and fears. This is our invitation to stand up for what is True and demand justice.

It will not be easy. It will not be fun. We will have to stand ready to cut through the prejudice, inequality, entitlement and every other justification we have allowed ourselves to apethetically and/or selfishly allow/promote in years past.

Yes, a sword can cut both ways… But if we are willing to be the world changers in this unprecedented time of global potential, we will be doing so with a metaphysically powerful tool in our hands!

Lulling Back into Tempered Values

Four of Cups

After not even a week, the energy of the holy-war-of-thoughts we experience around the Full Moon will be settling. Regardless of whether we handled our surge of justice with grace or not, we will be invited to consider our values carefully.

Perhaps in dealing out your holy justice you went too far and this will be a painful track back towards humility and recompense. Perhaps you will have risen up, lifted by the justice of Truth, propelled into new ways of thinking (and therefore living too) and this will be more like foundation-building in order to support the hights of your new potential.

Regardless, you will be emotionally reminded of what’s really important. That may sound scary – we haven’t exactly been taught to respect, honor and learn from our emotions – but is a truly remarkable gift and opportunity. Our emotions, especially those points of pain, are our connection back to Truth.

In Zen philosophy we are taught to be grateful for those people who torment us because they are our greatest teachers. It is this same understanding that allows us to embrace our full emotional bodies and learn from those experiences of Truth, especially the unwanted, rejected shadow sides of Truth that humanity has rejected for so long.

Think of this time, right around the 3rd week of the month, as an opportunity to carve out your most fundamental core values from a place of unpredictable clarity.

What have you learned while self-isolating? How do you see your life differently now, or the world differently now than you did just a couple months ago? How have your expectations of what’s possible been challenged or changed? What, if you could only choose four fundamental principles, do you now consider to be the guiding force of your life?

Use this time to dive in deep, yes even deeper than you did in March and the first week of April. This is to be a romantic exploration of heart rather than a forced cognitive expansion by means of material constraints. Let yourself fall in love with yourself. Make the commitments to yourself that you have been longing for.

Endeavor to be what you desire to appear.”


Becoming a Master of One

King of Cups (reversed)

All the dissonance, justice and romance of the first few weeks of April have been leading us ever closer to the inwardly expansive energy of our Taurus New Moon on the 22nd/23rd. We have this energy represented by our King of Cups reversed.

We have all of the themes of the month being revisited, but now with a sense of personal authority. Still, this can go one of two ways. If we have done our work and embraced the difficulties of this time as opportunities to require better from ourselves and our world, we can anticipate a sense of pride and accomplishment to set in as we recognize the honor we have already been paying to this most regal and royal part of ourselves.

If we haven’t taken responsibility and stepped into our power however, we will still have to come to terms with our own authority. Essentially we will, for better or for worse, have to opportunity to see ourselves and the contribution or detriment we are in the world clearly, as our own responsibility and privilege.

This will all be happening on the internal planes again and is an invitation to each and every one of us to become the person whom we could most respect. We will see our excuses and justifications for what they are, we will see our fear and shadows in the light of Truth and we will either be raised to a position of internalized glory by our actions or we will be set again to the work of remembrance.

Savoring the Subtle and Hidden Gems

April 2020 Tarot Spread (The New Palladini Tarot)

Before I finish this month’s reading, I’d like to draw your attention to the gems included in the last three cards of our spread.

The pink-purple stones in the crowns, jewelry and chalices seemed to wisper in unison to me as I first laid eyes on the full spread, but I couldn’t recall a stone that would be that color. After some online searches though, I have settled on Violet Sapphires.

Screenshot of a Google Search result

The description of their energetic qualities are as follows:

“Purple or Violet Sapphire is known as a “stone of awakening”. … A stone of prosperity, Sapphire sustains life force and attracts joy and peace. Sapphire helps to open the mind to beauty and intuition. Sapphire is a stone of wisdom, with each color containing its own unique energy vibration and information.”

What this tells me is that despite the challenges we are all currently facing and the strength and power we are being asked to take responsibility for, we are also being blessed with wisdom and intuition. Perhaps soon some of the other blessings contained within these gems will begin to become more obvious as well.

I share this “silly” subtlety with you to close the reading in hopes that it will encourage you to look for the gems this months. Yes, seek out the reverberations of this Violet Sapphire energy, be blessed with peace, joy and abundance – but, find other gems as well. Find the gems that only you can and then share them with the rest of us too.

Blessed Be my Beloveds! May your month be filled with Truth, Love and growth.

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