I’m tired, my head hurts, my nose is plugged up and my chest is congested. For a multitude of reasons, I have slept a total of less than a dozen hours in the past 96 hours of living, yet I’ve increased my activity and excitement levels by at least 300%… I have been a bit dillusional and silly for 2 days straight now – fortunately at the same time, I have also been out of the country without a SIM, unable to broadcast my current, arguably unstable condition as per usual.

And I have a huge ass smile on my face.

A lot has happened that could send me down a path of dissapointment and disillusionment on this vacation… Yet I have chosen to laugh about it and talk through it with my friends instead of get upset or bitter.

I haven’t always been able to do that… Actually, if you ask people who’ve known me my whole life I’m sure they could give you lots of examples of the exact opposite behavior, even with much better conditions… And for the change, I am EXTREMELY grateful.

Perspective is powerful and attitude can make all the difference. I’m proud of myself for not simply accepting my misery and I’m proud for not trying to find it company either. I’m down right HONORED to be living as a positive, enthusiastic and flexible woman, ESPECIALLY having been a pessimist for so long…

The difference is monumental. I am oozing thanks to the universe and to my soul for this lifetime’s journey and all the transformation I have been blessed to undergo…

Here’s to growing even more, becoming even better and pushing myself even further beyond the limitations I used to place on my experiences!

Sunset after climbing back up from Wreck Beach (yes, THAT Wreck Beach)

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