I love this day! It’s considered quite lucky in my family too. I’m actually going gambling with my grandma, aunt and uncle to celebrate today because we consider it THAT lucky.

My grandfather was born the 13th of March and subsequently loved the number. All of us have followed suit.

I actually have a 13 tattooed on my left arm. Though, the meaning behind it had admittedly evolved past grandpa’s favorite number for me.

My 13/Moon Phases/Triple Goddess tattoo

Since reclaiming my pagan roots, I have begun to learn so much more about the power of 13. It is highly feminine and also associated with the lunar calendar, with there being 13 lunar cycles each solar year.

Equally, Friday has been regarded as feminine for mellinia, associated with goddesses like Venus and Freya. Combined, Friday the 13th is a powerful day for the feminine, and from what I’ve gathered over the past few years, that’s precisely why its been considered subversive or unlucky for so long now too. Is it really that surprising though, given that theme for the majority of written history?

Via Tania Gabrielle

I hope that this little post gives you something to think about today and a few reasons to reclaim Friday the 13th for yourself again too. For now, I’m off to win big! Blessed be!

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