Started Yule off with some Winter Solstice crafting with friends! We made some modernized Yule logs with the ancient traditions in mind.

I burned Runes into mine before decorating. Here it is:

My 2019 Yule Log

I will be lighting the candles tonight after turning off all the lights in the house, to symbolize setting my intentions for the new year and celebrate the reestablishing the reign of the sun as the days finally begin to grow longer. In ancient times the whole log was burned at the hearth and the candles of the house all relit from that fire.

It was a lot of fun and I am grateful for a full day filled with friends and family, true to the season’s purpose. What a way to begin a most Merry Yule!

Now to do the first of the twelve days of Divination, from the locked days tradition, representing January of 2020. This will be personal Divination though, so I won’t be posting it to the blog at all. I do encourage you all to do the same though!

Let mayryanna know your thoughts...

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