I had an interesting experience this morning. I thought I had reason to doubt the man I’m seeing. I assumed something I shouldn’t have because of my past experiences and struggled a bit with the emotional response before asking him about it.

Fortunately, though I was tempted, I didn’t tuck it away/run away/let it fester… I gathered as much tranquility and grace as I could muster, in spite of my concern and panic, and simply I asked him point blank. Because of this, he was able to reassure me and comfort me right away.

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His response to my distrust and accusations was something I’ve never experienced before… He didn’t get defensive, he didn’t yell, he didn’t throw it back in my face, turn things around on me or make me feel guilty for my concerns and doubts… He calmly addressed them, explained the situation to me and then gently held me while I processed through everything.

What a man ❤

I am so grateful for this experience because it allowed me to heal traumas I didn’t even know I had. I was able to go from panic fulled distrust to a deeper level of intimacy than I’ve ever experienced with someone, in just a matter of minutes. Now that’s what I call alchemy.

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