A blood-red flag flies 
War on the horizon
started in ignorance 
to end with more hate

Soot and ash fill skies
fires consuming all
the world watching
koalas n’ kangaroos die

All sense in me cries
my heart heavy with grief
but there’s no fear in me
not anymore, there can’t be

I’ve been called to heal
to rest, relax and meditate
Even amidst all of this
to fully surrender to Divinity

It’s not rational or realistic
to not give up hope –
but not try to fix it –
to simply return to existence

Believing beyond conditions
that I don’t have to make it
My life never independent 
from all sustaining graces

Could I have this peace
if I still had my sense?
Perhaps I had to go crazy
to survive this insanity

I have no tears falling
yet I feel my spirit sob
suddenly my heart’s beats
revealing their ignition

I’ve found myself eternal 
within the space of rhythm
Melting inbetween limits
saturating expansiveness 

Here with Pachamama 
as she kisses the Sun
I am caught up in rapture
the cosmic dance of love

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