I hope to give you

delicate satisfaction

in savoring your being

I hope to let you

cascade endlessly 

caressing my edges

Yet all the words

contain more space

than what is building

and honestly I

don’t want to wait

for senses to take over

I want to taste

textures of you

pressed on skin

I want to hold

your vulnerability

gently to my flesh

My fingers long

for the tracing of

hair on your neck

and honestly you

make my wind sing

from my soul’s bellow

My heart pauses

as my breath halts

hearing unspokens

My hunger pains

the throbbing ache

whispers withholding

Questions of need

dreaming exchanges

rehearsed expectations 

and I’m honestly 

wondering the lines

to get to where you are

Am I wanting wrong 

curiously pondering

why you make me high

Am I trouble now

dangling off the end

so I fall from your sky

Overthinking how

perhaps it’s time for

breaking other’s rules 

and you’re honestly 

tempting turbulence

beckoning all my truth

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