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The neighborhood dogs are barking, but another sound carries though the mountains at night now too. It rides the wind like echos, reaching ears and hearts spread out across miles.

The first night it was just us few. Lonesome and quivering in the frosty air of early spring in the Colorado Rockies… But by the next night, there was an answer: a lone dog howl echoing back our mournful song.

Each night since, we’ve grown in numbers. Tonight, the mountains were alive with the haunting primal melodies – and I found what I was looking for my whole life, in the howls of faceless strangers…

A Turning Point, from Within

Page of Swords – Shadowscapes Tarot Deck

Illuminating clarity. Purpose and passion. What we’ve been “missing” for so long.

Suddenly, like a flash of lightning, the fog clears and we are able to see our truth. We have been afraid to look but upon close examination, we find our Love.

This big, bright and beautiful moon brings blessings of intuition. There are messages for us, within us, just waiting to be discovered – and perhaps now is one of the moments of finding.

Eureka. Epiphany. Realization.

We’ve tried to define and describe but the experience always remains expansive. Yet, in this time of isolation and distance, we are perhaps noticing for the first time just how internal all of our life’s discoveries have been…

The Wellspring of Personal Discovery

Nine of Cups – Shadowscapes Tarot Deck

Deep, deep, and deeper still, below the ego’s defenses and pride. Bubbling up without reason or rhythm, Divine Sublime Abundance arrives.

It’s taken awhile to get here, and it’s still no where near “surface,” but it’s getting harder to ignore the feeling that our capacity is ever growing. We’ve been locked in, caged up, cornered and now – we’re feeling primal adrenaline again, coursing through us like an intoxicant.

We’re ready to pounce. We feel alive. Yet, like bridled horses we silently rage against the simultaneous oppression of our new found utility.

This is new, right? Have we always had these thoughts, these answers, these abilities? We are tempted to be overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of our possibilities, but apathy and distraction are growing weary on this road of isolation.

We are forced to accept our power, but invited to savor and celebrate it too.

Forsaking the Mundane for (com)Passion

Nine of Pentacles – Shadowscapes Tarot Deck

We are starting to learn kindness in ways we never have before. We know now that we have to be kinder to ourselves. What other options do we have? Be stuck with our worst enemy?

So, despite our failed attempts before, we are slowly becoming more. More patient. More nurturing. More honest.

The unexpected happens as a result of this new found compassion – we are free to be passionate as well. By extending kindness to ourselves we have unwittingly forgone the remorse and frustration of failure.

We will find it ever more natural to relinquish our fears for the sake of seeking our personal mastery. For the joy of it. For the flow of it.

We will all have the opportunity to make our work both our art and our gift – what we give, offer and share. We are discovering that we can be of service, even if it’s to the song in our hearts, the birdhouses in our workshops or the revolutionary ideas in our minds. If these expressions of life benefit and bless others in this lifetime so that we can enjoy it, that will be wonderful – regardless, making our contribution is still our responsibility.

Surrendering to Cosmic Balance

XX Judgement – Shadowscapes Tarot Deck

She has been feared for generations, for her trumpet sound cuts like the blade of Truth itself. She has been blamed for war, famine and pestilence for mellinia, yet she is also the bringer of birth, romance and luck.

Her truth hurts because it echos the secrets of our souls. She sees us, but worse – she makes us to see ourselves.

It is a reckoning, but also a blessing. For those who choose to remain attached to their delusion will bare witness to the fluttering rise of those willing to transform with ascension. None who see this will be unchanged.

Once Again, Afforded Choice

Knight of Cups – Shadowscapes Tarot Deck

Choosing not for self or fame, and not for motive or persuasion – choosing for the grateful heart and the soul evermore overflowing. We must accept the brilliance of these moments and let them inspire action.

What unkind things have we been doing that must stop? What nourishing things can we share with ourselves and others? How is it all coming together in harmony?

We are questing my dears, our adventures have only begun. The chalice we all seek is the most noble and honorable, and yet for each of us the journey will be different.

This is why we have been given the clarity and vitality we are tempted to feel guilty for while confined – not for aggravated self-pity, but to propel us on to the path of Divine destiny. We can choose to let our dreams take us higher and lift our developing (com)passion to the surface.

To Begin Anew, Actuating Blessing

O The Fool – Shadowscapes Tarot Deck

Accepting Luna’s enlightenment and basking in her fading glow, we will be given the gift of childlike wonder and the ability to let our imaginations soar – opening portals where there was only sky.

But to jump, we must climb. We must start climbing even while we cannot yet see the portals in the sky.

Only when we reach the top and have overcome the challenges before us will we know what others do not. That is when we are invited to leap into the abyss and accept our Divine fate. That is when peace will catch us and frivolous cleverness will bask awed at our weightless feet.

Now is the time. For IT? Yes, for IT. You have been preparing for longer than you even know. You are ready. Accept these gifts and make IT happen!

Letting Our Soulful Howls Carry to the Hearts of the World

There are lingering mountain lullabies sweeping through the caverns of my mind tonight – an upwelling of joy has yet to cease within my heart. As the 8 o’clock hour drifted to past, and the lonely howls began to dwindle, I used my human voice to call to my fellow carolers: “I love you! Thank you!”

It does not take money, or even a whole lot of time. It doesn’t require sacrifice, association or even proximity. Love touches All.

Let’s throw our fuel on this fire! Sat Nam and Blessed Be my Beloveds – be brave.

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