I just finished recording Episode 2 of my new Podcast Humblebee. It’s still a very rough – my desk is still unorganized from my move so I haven’t even been using my professional mic yet – but I am enjoying gaining experience and creating confidence within this new media sharing modality.

Both Episodes offered so far have been stream of consciousness, and Episode 1 includes some poetry as well. Ultimately, I would like to include a variety of content including: guided meditations, interviews and music. Still, since focusing on the “minimally viable offerings” for this blog worked out so well I decided to just jump in and start splashing around to see just how the Podcast pool is for myself.

I have some obvious changes to make, starting with getting my desk and mic set up, but I am content to let these first episodes be perfectly imperfect. It is called Humblebee after all (technically that’s an old English name for Bumblebee, but I enjoy how it juxtaposes the soft and supple qualities of humility with the stinging imagery of a bee – essentially it screams TRUTH to me poetically).

Additionally, I would like to request that you share any ideas and desires you all might have for this type of Podcast with me. Feel free to send in recordings for consideration, ask to be put on the schedule for an interview or request a topic, poem or song from me directly by emailing mayryanna@optimalmastery.life.

I am excited about all this new endeavor opens up for us and hope that this additional media avenue will enable me to serve all of you even better. Blessed be my beloveds, I look forward to hearing about your ideas and suggestions!

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