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Indigenous Art and Culture

Artisans, musicians and keepers of Amazonian medicinal traditions, their livelihoods are ensured by the bounty of the rainforest. They will tell you, “[they] are rich, because the jungle gives [them] everything.”

Global Vision

Having only just begun to complete various projects that might allow them to better interact with the world at large, they are rightfully proud of a bridge that allows for passage over a jungle swamp on the way to the village (offering safety from the anacondas) and the few security lights they have installed with newly acquired electricity (offering safety from prowling Jaguars at nights). Still, the ceremonial maloca “Shanua” is in need of roof repairs and the community needs a rain catchment system to begin the process of obtaining better drinking water as well.

There are many other projects that will allow them to better receive foreign visitors and expand the reach of their teachings too. Despite the looming obligations growing beyond the limitations of their current situation will require, they are devoted to finding solutions while also maintaining their indigenous culture faithfully.

One of the ways they are acquiring necessary resources is through the sale of their traditional crafts. Members of the Women’s Organization and many tribesmen produce beaded jewelry, hand woven accessories and clothing, as well as ceremonial items such as feathered headdresses, rapé tobacco snuff and sananga eye drops.

Intercultural Experiences

Another means of generating income for their projects is by creating experiential opportunities for foreigners, allowing them to visit the Intercultural Center of Txana Huya to learn about their indigenous culture, traditional artistry and sacred medicines, as well as the sustainable cooperation between their peoples and the land of the Amazon they are the grateful guardians of. Many of these opportunities will be dependent upon the completion of the projects however, and are thus currently limited.

Nurturing Connection

Optimal Mastery is excited to align with the Huni Kuin to explore additional possibilities for expanding the center and its vision. Currently, we are exploring the opportunity of potentially publishing and distributing their ancient wisdom so that people from all over the world can learn about their magickal art, sacred medicines and alchemical culture.

Please subscribe to O.M. e-updates to follow the journey of Txana Huya Intercultural Center as it grows! We look forward to including more and more opportunities for assistance as we develop an online storefront, create various possibilities for donations and eventually provide publications detailing the Huni Kuin culture, wisdom and medicines.

Thank you for your interest in the magickal and sustainable traditions of these indigenous Amazonians! Be assured, your attention and blessings are vitally important for the continued proliferation of a alchemical culture that came far too close to being lost.