Can’t write
no words are mine

No Truth
all happenings mutual

Boxed in
what other’s assume

Bought and sold
they decide who I am for me –

Or so they think –

Reading my existential bleeding
they fear intrusions into their shadows

Cowering defensively
they lash out for my painting in “their colors”

Coming from a place of limits and lack
every liberty I take is an attack

If they can relate to what I am saying
I must have stolen it from them

But the separation isn’t real –

The darkeness they fear I see in them
is the darkness I have in me

Their rejections of my deep healing
are the denials of their own

My grace and patience with imperfections
terrify those who’s shame is motivation

It’s as though I can have no life
but to share it all entirely

So I will –

I will bleed out again and again
revealing my heart to them

And when they claim my heart is a copy
I will simply agree and accept

All I am is a mirror for all that is
the same star dust and magick

Yet it is still mine as well to express
my own infinitesimal refractions

Let mayryanna know your thoughts...

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