I’ve officially started prepping for my RAW Natural Born Artists Showcase! I’ll be performing LIVE for 10 minutes along side other cosmically talented artists, right here in Denver on October 24th. It’s all very exciting!

This is the biggest show I have ever done, and the potential to make an impression is HUGE. However, I have only ever read poetry live, I haven’t ever created a performance art piece and my confidence was rightfully modest. Still, there’s always a solution if we’re willing to look for it.

Potential Merch Design for the Showcase

To combat my own deficiencies, I’ve recruited help of various kinds and have found myself blissfully shocked at the reception I’ve gotten in doing so. Social Media marketing, set design, merch ideas and management, custom music, professional make-up and hair, unique jewelry, accessories and props – all made generously available to me by my amazing and beloved tribe! I’m so full of gratitude and appreciation right now I could burst!

Gotta love those tribe vibes ❤

I couldn’t imagine being more excited about this opportunity, yet, with each additional contribution from my family and friends my excitement only grows even more. I think this is what was meant when it was said, “a candle’s light is never diminished in sharing its flame.” Well, we’re certainly going to be burning bright!

Another potential Showcase merch design

Come see what we end up co-creating at the Church Nightclub in Denver, from 7-11pm, Thursday October 24th at the STELLAR Showcase! Buy tickets through my RAW Artists profile to support me directly, or feel free to pick another artist that speaks to you! When supporting art, we all win.

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