I came to the jungle
to see what I could find
I came to the jungle
to search my hiding mind
I came to the jungle
to talk to all the trees
I came to the jungle
in order to finally see
And I wasn’t unafraid
But when I got here, everything changed –
What I’ve found in the jungle
is too great for any words
You must come to the jungle
it must be seen and heard
Come with me to the jungle
we will talk to the Fae
Dancing through the jungle
creating Destiny’s play
And I’m no longer afraid
Because now that I’m here, I am changed –
I came to the jungle on a soul’s journey
I was told the plants have messages for me
I wasn’t disappointed
Yet, of the lessons, I can’t speak
What I found in the jungle
I know I must somehow share
This freedom of the wilds

and the peace that lingers here –

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