Kundalini Yoga

“The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness.”

~ Lao Tzu

Kundalini is a Raj (royal), Ashtanga (eight part) Yoga and has been called “the yoga of awareness” in modern times. This holistic wellbeing practice includes the “8-limbs of yoga:” yamas (abstinence), niyamas (observance), asana (posture), pranayama (breath), pratyahara (synchronization), dharana (concentration), dhyana (meditation) and samamdi (absorption). Each of these complex ancient bio-mechanical technologies are woven delicately together into complete kriyas, or what we call Kundalini Yoga “sets” of exercises. To be considered a Kundalini kriya, a sequence must contain a perfect balance of these 8 essential yogic elements – masterfully promoting the health and wellbeing of all Ten Bodies (Soul, Negative Mind, Positive Mind, Neutral Mind, Physical Form, Arcline(s), Aura, Pranic, Subtle and Radiant) as well as encouraging the Eleventh Embodiment.

“The eleventh embodiment – when all ten bodies are under your direction – produces a pure state of consciousness when you have the ability to see all events as [Divine] Play and recognize the [Divine] in all.”


The founder of Optimal Mastery, mayryanna Shakti, brings her own eclectic approach to Kundalini simply because of who she is. She honors the practices and kriyas, but is also always looking deeper, through her mystically skilled intuition and multidisciplinary esoteric studies, for the intrinsic patterns inherent within All Truth. She will challenge and excite you with the information, interpretations and integrations of her own journey, all the while gently guiding you into the realization of your own personal rediscoveries of Divine remembrance.

As a multidisciplinary metaphysical practitioner, mayryanna was drawn to the unparalleled integrative capacity of Kundalini Yoga and studied to become a certified teacher in 2019-2020. However, do to the restrictive nature of the tradition’s Code of Ethics, mayryanna was not certified until early 2021. Choosing to formally confront the dogma that pervaded the teachings, she ultimately only accepted her certification under explicit protest of the ethics she found contradictory to the benefits of the practice.

mayryanna is excited to help bring these ancient teachings to life in the Aquarian Age, and is committed to doing so without any of the Piscean ideologies that have restricted and overshadowed this wisdom in the past. She is passionate about presenting others with the opportunity to learn these unique technologies of body, mind and spirit, but remains vigilant, knowing how easily the need for structure and “rightness” can obscure the truth. If you are curious about yogic philosophy and its metaphysical potentials, but don’t want to become bogged down by exclusive ideology, consider practicing Kundalini Yoga as just one part of your personal disciplines. If you have questions about how this can be done, consider working with mayryanna Shakti directly.

“My impression of May is that of a compassionate, loving sorceress tuned into the invisible so that she can make some sense of it for others. I shared a space with her for a week and whether it was through a Tarot reading, Kundalini Yoga or just casual conversation, her insights sparked my imagination and touched my soul. Her work is magically inspiring and holds immense power.”

Zach H. ~ Loan Officer

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The Benefits of Kundalini Yoga:

  • Chronic pain reduction
  • Increased flexibility
  • More patience, grace and compassion for both self and others
  • Expanded metaphysical consciousness
  • Reduced anxiety and depression symptoms
  • Improved coordination
  • Enhanced personal radiance
  • Learn unique, activating and challenging meditation techniques
  • Enjoy mantra and the ancient benefits of Naad
  • Experience a comprehensive wellness practice
  • Overcome perceived limitations of body, mind and spirit
  • Learn Mudras, Drishtis, breathwork (Pranayamas) and postures (Asanas) that unlock autonomic nervous system responses
  • Experience the reunification of the whole self
  • Learn about ancient yogic traditions
  • Discover the joy of Sadhana and develop your own personal daily practice…

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