This is a fun little poem I wrote and shared on Facebook 2 years ago. I had forgotten about it until it popped up in my newsfeed memories this morning. I do believe it is a gem though –

In the drawing down of the day, at the time
of Sun’s own waining, be reminded that
even in darkness the light still shines
if only you lend the scape of your
mind, in which, it can brightly
burn. Look within, seeking –
warmth & joy abounds.
Not apart, but a part –
your own glory a
small reflection
of the golden
heat, sure
to rise
in instead
of out, feed
yourself with
loving abandon.
Give, not to recieve,
but for the enjoyment
of the release. Lightening
the loads you believe you must
carry, letting go of the shadows you
drag behind you, lifting yourself first up
and out of the darkness. Bless your own soul.

Let mayryanna know your thoughts...

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