A recently rediscovered poem that I wrote while in university.

It always starts the same, with a hunger
I can see glimpses in my minds eye –
like a memory they said was made up
Maybe I was shown before birth and that’s
why no one else seems to remember

I have a plan to get from here to there
from imperfecter to perfecter: lil’ bits
Somehow no matter the desire they all
crumble over time, even if I’ve been
getting better at doing the lil’ bits

Saying no, for now, so I can say yes
to my dreams intstead of merely
my habits – betraying all my fears
for who I really hope I can be beyond
all my usual pitiful excuses and lies

This time, these times, these lil’ bits
they will be mine, they will surrender
Lil’ bit by lil’ bit, day after day after day
I cannot swallow this hope whole
so I’ll take it on and in by all its lil’ bits

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