The following was originally posted to my personal Facebook profile February 4th, 2016:

At the eternal precipice of tomorrow’s reality, where yesterday’s limitations still infect and taunt me.

Walking backwards toward the horizon; staring intently into cold edges of the familiar and already attained –

Desperate to distract myself from the light and warmth of possibilities pressing up behind me.


At first the changes were easy to ignore, coming slowly and independently
But their numbers steadily increase, and despite my best efforts I cannot ignore them all any longer
The future will come, with me, even if without my conscious participation –
perhaps, I’ll just face it now.


Eyes shut tight. Feet dragging. Stiff as a board.

The thawing starts with a tingle –
I can feel energy pulsating through my entire being, intensity growing as my connection spreads inwardly and outwardly eternal –
I’m not breathing, I Am Breath.

My heart one with endless rhythms that guide every part of We to dance –
Entirety of existence pulsating in majestic harmony, Pure Glorious Unity

The illusion shattered, I no longer seek to separate myself from the Divine, I am no longer apart from life –

Free from space and time, We heal –
Chains dematerialize, restrictive gravities revoked; expansion and growth transforming love where otherwise choked

All Is Good and Will Be Greater


I am returned – suddenly, as though I had never left; I am back inside my body.
But the view:

Before me, a vast and fertal Paradise extending beyond the reaches of my experiential capabilities

Receiving information from senses long lost to my understanding, I cannot entirely fathom the beauty –
Lost to myself again, I am left in awe –
Surrendering completely, drifting –


Caught up in the endless flow of miracles
I Am needless, wantless and Full.

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