Waking up in Boulder on a mattress on the floor at my friend’s new house – I started the day peacefully, in the quiet of a home still at rest. I gathered my fuzzy blanket and squishmallows (yes, you read that) and headed for my van.

Apotheosis 2.0 mini-reunion in Boulder last night

The drive back to Bailey was pleasant as I caught up on voice messages from my global tribe. Before I knew it, I was back at grandma’s.

She had a Drs appointment, so it was right back in the car for more driving. Her check up was good and we enjoyed a nice lunch before some light shopping – and then more driving.

Lucas during the move to Harry’s

I wasn’t done working until after feeding grandma dinner, but then it was time for some remodel help. I headed to my friend’s and managed to get some trim painting done while enjoying margaritas.

New room in progress

Perhaps 9pm isnt late – it certainly isn’t for me, I wasn’t in bed last night until after 3am (and not asleep until almost 4am because that tribe love is a stimulant lol) – but I couldn’t wait to head back to my boyfriend’s and crash when I saw it was reasonably late enough to jump ship. He and my friends just moved my king bed over from grandma’s last night while I was in Boulder, and after half the week on the couch because his old bed was so broken in for his body (alone), I was feeling desperate excitment for the comfortable embrace I knew awaited me.

A few hits of indica and my boyfriend’s warm cuddles have me dancing into dreamland already… So, that’s my update – life is busy and fun right now!

Sammi during the move

Kundalini YTT again this weekend so I’m about to pass out and get some good rest in order to be at my best for learning. Hope you all are enjoying a full week yourselves! Blessed be beloveds.

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