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Divination and Reflection for Mabon: Harvesting Insights for the Season

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As the spirit of Mabon abounds, this time surrounding autumn equinox invites us to pause and find balance in our lives. It’s a time of harvest, reflection, and gratitude for the abundance of the season. What better way to tap into this energy than by using divination tools like Tarot cards or runes? Let’s explore how to harness the power of divination for self-reflection and personal growth during Mabon.

crop soothsayer reading tarot cards near luminous candles
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Using Divination Tools for Mabon:

1. Set the Scene: find a quiet, comfortable space where you won’t be disturbed. Light a candle and perhaps some incense to create a serene atmosphere and begin the ritual.

2. Choose Your Divination Tool: select a divination tool that resonates with you. Tarot cards, runes, or even a pendulum can work beautifully. The key is to choose what feels right for your practice.

3. State Your Intention: before you begin, set a clear intention for your Mabon divination session. What do you want to gain insight into? It could be related to your goals for the upcoming season, areas of your life where you seek balance, or simply a question about some of your reflections.

4. Shuffle and Infuse: shuffle your Tarot cards, shake your runes, and prepare your chosen divination tool by infusing it with your intentions. As you do so, focus on the energies of Mabon as well.

5. Draw or Cast: when you feel ready, draw a card (or rune) or otherwise cast your divination tool. Trust your intuition and let the symbols speak to you. Use your own intuitive spread, or the sample Mabon Spread provided below, to further enhance the meaning of each card.

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Tips for Self-Reflection:

1. Journal Your Insights: keep a journal handy to record your thoughts, feelings, and the divination results. Write down any impressions or symbols that stand out to you.

2. Meditate on the Symbols: take time to meditate on the divination symbols you’ve drawn. What do they mean to you in the context of Mabon and the season of harvest?

3. Connect with Nature: step outside and connect with nature. Take a walk, gather fallen leaves, or simply sit in a park. Nature often provides profound insights during this season.

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Sample Tarot Spread for Mabon:

Here’s a simple three-card Tarot spread tailored to Mabon themes:

  1. The Harvest: this card represents what you’ve sown and what you’re reaping in your life. What abundance is available to you, and how can you express gratitude for it?
  2. The Balance: this card signifies where you may need to find balance in your life. What areas are in need of equilibrium, and how can you achieve it during Mabon?
  3. The Path Ahead: this card offers guidance for the upcoming season. What steps can you take to navigate the journey ahead with wisdom and clarity?

Interpreting Your Divination Results:

1. Trust Your Intuition: your intuition plays a significant role in divination. Pay attention to your initial feelings and impressions when you see the symbols or cards.

2. Look for Patterns: are there recurring themes or symbols in your divination results? These can provide deeper insights into your situation.

3. Reflect on the Season: consider how the divination results align with the themes of Mabon, such as gratitude, balance and the harvest.

4. Take Action: use the insights gained from your divination to inform your actions during the season. Whether it’s expressing gratitude or working on achieving balance, let your divination guide you.

crop soothsayer with talisman and tarot cards near glowing candle
Photo by Anete Lusina on Pexels.com

Mabon is a season of transformation and reflection, and divination can be a powerful tool for tapping into its energies. Embrace this time of balance and abundance by using divination to gain insights into your life’s path and connect with the essence of the season. May your Mabon be filled with wisdom and growth, blessed be beloveds!

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