“Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.”

– W.H. Murray
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Magick and mysticism are by nature tantalizing and indefinable. Throughout history, cultures and religions have been consistently preoccupied with the occult and matters of spirit, energy and life (death). Humankind has always sought to understand the spark, the animation and function of experience, existence and expanse.

Rather than limit herself to one or another ideology that merely seeks to name this indescribable essence, mayryanna Shakti has invited a relationship with the Source of All and actively communes with spirit in a variety of forms – all forms, beyond forms. Some of the manifestations of this Divine energy have been channeled through philosophy, ceremony, ritual, spellcasting, divination, reiki, kundalini and other forms of yoga, meditation, mantra, breath, dance, singing and music, pre-sleep and dreams, visualization, cooking, art and poetry, eye-gazing, touch, sex, plant and sacred medicines, study, curiosity and creativity, et al. She has blissfully discovered that the divinely metaphysical nature of life truly saturates and fulfills everything.

As a devotee to this enabling grace, mayryanna is both open-hearted and open-minded. However, she is also aware that true power has no judgement and will contribute to any and all ends. Therefore, her lifelong pursuit of Sovereignty is one of both personal responsibility and universal care.

“Creativity is an energy. It’s a precious energy, and it’s something to be protected. A lot of people take for granted that they’re a creative person, but I know from experience, feeling it in myself, it is a magic; it is an energy. And it can’t be taken for granted.”

– Ava DuVernay
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The most dangerous magick may arguably be wielded by one who seeks to do intentional harm. This however is nothing more than ignorance of the intrinsic Oneness of existence. It is no different than the harm caused by one who denies their power entirely and allows for life to manifest haphazardly. Often, these examples are one and the same.

Many will adopt a permissive mindset, forever holding space for experiences and manifestations of probabilities determined by the random exposure of infinite possible stimulations. Others will notice that what we focus on expands, fundamentally beginning a never ending journey of developing and refining our preferences. The more of us that choose the conscious path, the less of us there are to contribute power to those willing to use our attention and energy against us.

“It is important to keep in mind that all actions have metaphysical consequences.

mayryanna Shakti

In this way, choosing a life of magick and mysticism is choosing to remain humble and teachable, yet also devoted and brave. Magick doesn’t simply make life easy or solve all our problems, but it may help us recognize our attachments to difficulty and invite us to manifest something different for ourselves and our world. We are the essential ingredient, and our every choice fuels the endlessness of Divine experience.

Do you dare remember your magick?

“I came to mayryanna at a time of significant upheaval, change, and opportunity. I was feeling overwhelmed and finding it difficult to organize my thoughts and my life. In only one session, this energy was transformed completely. I left the session feeling mentally clear and having cultivated a level of conviction and, moreover, inspiration for the coming months. There are many tarot readers out there, but I feel that mayryanna has something truly special. She is able to pull together each individual card reading into a synergistic and cohesive energetic mosaic, painted for the mind’s eye in a very poetic and euphonious way. Her verbal expressions deeply soothing and therapeutic for the mind, body, and spirit. It is, quite literally, magic and I could not recommend her tarot reading & divination services more highly.

Marc-John B. ~ Founder, Jungle Wisdom Academy

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Benefits of Magick:

  • More activation, sensitivity and intuition
  • Absolution of addictions, trauma and limitation
  • Deep sense of universal responsibility
  • Transmutation of pain, fear and discomfort
  • Profound and persistent grace
  • Psychic and/or altered consciousness experiences

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