In recent history, Divination has become synonymous with the Salem Witch Trials, sensationalist media and entertainment, as well as otherwise unsavory and taboo occult correlations. This recent reception however, does nothing to represent the diverse history, variety and applications of Divination.

Divination is not “devil worship,” nor is it even “fortune telling.” Divination is the spiritual practice of using ancient tools to access subconscious and superconscious information that may otherwise be compromised by our over-active and all-consuming modern consciousness (often also considered “ordered” or “rational” thought).

If you look at the root of the word Divination, you will even see the word DIVINE. Divination is the process of opening to the divine, holy and spiritual, acting in faith and putting our own understanding and justifications aside in humility. It is an act of trusting that Divine Love will guide us beyond the limitations and constraints of our human shortcomings, if we will only ask.

Divination is an act of faith and can be thought of as the corresponding communication pathway to prayer. When you pray, you are offering your understanding, requests and concerns to the Divine. When you participate in Divination, you are asking to hear the understanding, prompting and wisdom FROM the Divine.

When you are working with a Diviner or Divinator like mayryanna, they are not contributing their own energy or purpose to the process, but actually acting as a channel. mayryanna likes to say that “the only thing [they are] good at is getting out of the way!” You will learn more about this process in the corresponding section as well, Understanding Reiki.

The tools that mayryanna uses to access the Divine superconscious and your own subconscious energy may include pendulums, Oracle card decks, Runes, Tarot card decks as well as knowledge from the mystic modalities of Astrology and Numerology (when applicable or requested). Every Informative Healing is unique and mayryanna will utilize the tools she feels prompted to while actively channeling for your session.

mayryanna is proud to offer you a diverse selection of healing and mystical services