Reiki Services

Reiki is a Japanese term coined in the late 19th century by a monk named Mikao Usui. However, Reiki is merely a referential term attempting to make sense of a much larger concept. Other terms that have tried to make sense of this same essence include: Qi, Chi, Life Force, Source Energy, Faith, Truth and even Love.

Similar to Divination, the practice of Reiki consists of channeling this Divine energy. However, instead of the purpose of this channel being illumination or information, the practice of Reiki channels this perfect Divine Source Energy for healing. The practitioner opens themselves as a channel or conduit for highly-concentrated Love/Truth/Reiki to flow through them to the recipient of the session.

Just like Divination, Reiki is available to everyone. However, a Reiki practitioner has committed themselves to service of others by further aligning with the Reiki energy via training and attunements. Still, this in no way limits the inherent power of Reiki. mayryanna has been using Reiki to heal both people and animals for decades longer than she has been attuned to practice Reiki, she just didn’t know what to call what she was doing until she began studying Reiki as a formal discipline in 2018.

mayryanna is proud to offer you a diverse selection of healing and mystical services