It’s been a strange week, with lots of mental/emotional brooding, but I have had great readings! Even if it’s taken a while to get to posting them…

I’ve had the 2020 monthly cards drawn for almost a week now – but, it hasn’t felt like the time to share them quite yet. I’ve had this weekly spread done for a couple days now too… and I know it’s time for that, so here it goes:

Divine Reenchantment

Three of Pentacles | Shadowscapes Tarot

We begin our reading with the Three of Pentacles, which is also illustrative of this week’s overall energy/theme: “success is guaranteed.” Typically a great card for a career reading, this card represents the inevitable results of having a great work ethic. In this deck and for this reading though, it is speaking specifically to the Divine’s ineffable work ethic and how it is within acknowledgement of that Truth that we find our eternal assurances.

In the artwork we can see stars and a moon, all encircled and traced by the “dreamer,” who is also being lifted up by a supporting figure in order to create her art. “This, THIS is the relationship I want with you -” I hear the Divine coo from my center, “trust in my support and you shall be exulted to the place in which you can manifest your unique glory and purpose.”

The little chameleon perched on the shoulder of the supportive figure echoes the adaptability and omnipotence of the Divine’s ability to be “all that we need in order to thrive.” Should the artist insist that she must make the climb, support herself, balance her tools all on her own and only then be able to start her work – she may never make it. Our True destiny and Divine purpose will always require our dependency on the Divine, for the beauty we can create within the blessings of Divinity cannot help but eternally overshadow what we are able to do independently of that support and help.

We are being invited back into Divine communion, a place in which possibilities and purpose are endless – but it takes faith and trust to enter into this fellowship. In order to experience Divine reenchantment, we must first create and hold the space for the miracles and blessings this relationship will most certainly create in our life. If we are unwilling to see a way beyond that of our own brute force and skill, we are “forcefully” subjecting ourselves to the limitations of our own conditions.

Reunification and Saturation of the Divine Feminine

III – The Empress (reversed) | Shadowscapes Tarot

I have seen this card already, when pulling all the monthly cards for 2020 on the 1st – and she comes in good company (more on that later). There will be a theme this year of internalizing the Divine Feminine, and it is starting NOW.

We are all being asked to reimagine everything we think we know about femininity, but rather than using the internet, opinions and other knowledge external to us this reclamation will happen from the inside out. What we’ve been told, no matter how convincing, will never be the whole story – we have to tune in.

We must listen for the reverberating truth of Earth’s crystalline core as it vibrates through our own bones. We must wash ourselves pure in the ocean tides as they pull at the rivers of flowing blood within our bodies. We must nurture, tend and care for the communities of cells and bacteria that make up our physical being – with the same abundance and detail that our hospitable planetary home provides to us.

If we can sink into our beingness in these ways, we can truly reunite with our Divine feminine power. It isn’t about being subjected, dominated or used but rather, in discovering our own endlessness we recover the aspects of feminine power that contain our abilities to heal, nourish and support life.

An Ecliptic Call to Power

Nine of Wands | Shadowscapes Tarot

We have an Annular Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon this Friday, January 10th, which is conjoined by a Pluto and Saturn conjunction (the Sun and these two planets are all within 3 degrees of each other in the sign of Capricorn). This eclipse will highlight themes of both individual progress as well as familial and communal cooperation.

We are beginning to take note of the global interconnectedness of our lives. As the president of the United States seems to be posturing himself for WWIII and over a billion animals have perished in the devastating Australian Bush fires, no one remains unaffected. We are all afraid of nuclear fall out, we are all grieving for creatures that aren’t “our own,” and we are all realizing that there are no true islands of humanity – what we do as individuals will always affect the whole.

This card, with it’s own ecliptic imagery, resonates with the power of the people. Here we see an army of centuries, but they are reclining as watchmen rather than rushing into battle. It would seem that the warrior in the foreground might be the leader, as he is illuminated and yet, we can notice that those in the background are seated upon their beasts of battle in the same way – this is an army of equality, lead only by Truth.

Nine is a number representing completeness or resolution and Wands is the suit of passion, creativity and fire. As a totem for the energy of the coming eclipse, I am anticipating a movement of social unity and a reclamation of power being ignited. We have ALL had enough and we are ALL going to take a stand, together.

Accepting Our Divine Birthright

Black Dragon from Saturn | Dragon Oracle Deck

Now, just because we are accepting Divine support, reintegrating the Divine feminine and taking a stand to defend all of humanity from the ego of the few doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy from here on out. To the contrary, we are being told to get serious about our discipline.

If we are to bring about a new era of peace it is going to require that we also bring about an era of self-governance – and that has to start within each of us, individually. I cannot do the work for you, you cannot do the work for me – we all have to do the work for ourselves, with the understanding that this very personal work is what will make the biggest difference for others.

True freedom is only available through actualizing diversity. By you taking on your own Divine purpose and working faithfully on your own self-mastery, I am free to focus on my own Divine purpose and self-mastery. No one of us can fulfill all purposes, nor were we ever intended to “be/do everything,” and that’s what makes being a part of humanity so great, there’s enough of us to meet all of our dynamic needs.

This card is also one of congratulations, as these dragons do not come to assist us with our mastery unless we are already applying ourselves. So take joy in this recognition that you have been working hard to clear the false beliefs and densities that have kept you from personal mastery before, and be encouraged, because even though the work isn’t done yet we are now recieving significant cosmic help!

All for the Exultation of LOVE

Dusty Pink Dragon from Andromeda | Dragon Oracle Deck

This final card for our weekly reading seals up all of these messages with Divine Love. No matter what, it is this purest energy that will sustain and provide for us. All else must and will fall away.

As we undergo these great changes and transformations this week (and year,) learning to master ourselves and serve our world, feel yourself being bathed in love and release everything else to be transmuted by this most holy of vibrations. You are love. I am love. We are love.

We are not alone in our desire to save this planet from our excessive consumption, and we are being supported to rise above these conditions of lack and fear. If there should be moments of overwhelm and defeat, tune in again to love and remember the true infinity of possibilities.

If you are tired, rest. If you are stressed, relax. If you are sick or wounded, heal. If you are trying to rationalize the irrationality of our world, meditate instead. It isn’t all up to you to fix things, but it can only be you who does these loving things for yourself. We can’t give anything to the world that we ourselves don’t have, so start with loving you and watch this Divine contagion spread.

Blessed be my beloveds, may you all find yourself enraptured by the Divine this week and become fully impassioned by Love!

Tarot and Oracle Card Spread for the week of January 6th – 12th 2019

Welcome to the next decade beloveds! I hope this beginning finds you well.

I’m well, but also looking forward to becoming even better! With all the transformation forecasted for this week, January is already shaping up to be quite the metaphysical ride. Now, as we approach a Full Moon/Annular Lunar Eclipse on January 10th and an even more exciting comic dance throughout 2020, we are being instructed further about our role in these paradigm-shifting changes.

Casting Ourselves at the Mercy of the Divine

January 2020 Spread – Shadowscapes Tarot Deck

I had an interesting experience when drawing for this month’s reading: I couldn’t feel what spread to use, or more accurately, no known spread felt attuned to the reading. When I discovered and accepted this truth amidst my trying, I relaxed into the channel and was told to cast my crystals.

As soon as the crystals fell, meaning and placement was illuminated. The spread would start at the base, winding up in a zigzag pattern to the top, from right to left – creating a counterclockwise spiral upwards that appeared as golden energy in my mind’s eye.

There is significance to the direction of the spiral, as counterclockwise indicates an undoing or regression but upwards also portends elevation and assent. I believe this is representative of the overall themes for the reading which include: inspired/”forced” change or disruption leading to personal metamorphosis, realignment with Divine grace, wisdom and balance for the purpose of Self mastery and manifestation of our highest calling/service.

Another Illustration of True Metamorphosis

Amethyst and Four of Wands (reversed)

At the base of the spread, the amethyst crystal starts our reading with a message about the intuitive insights available to us this month. Our reading also starts with the only card pulled reversed for the entire spread.

Four of Wands has a foundational, supportive, focused and purposeful energy that arises from the solidarity and balance the number 4 infuses, as well as the passion and creativity of the Fire element, represented by the suit of Wands. Showing up here reversed echoes that melting/dissolving/decay energy necessary for the True Metamorphosis we are already undergoing.

This is challenging, and not in a nice way. It’s earth-shattering, plateau eliminating and to say the least, uncomfortable work.

This energy is akin to going through all the fears, biases, justifications and excuses of our entire lives in order to discover the codependent, toxic patterns and conditioning that must be rooted out to avoid unnecessary karma. Our destiny’s will be fulfilled, but we have to do the work. Avoiding the work will only prolong the work and make more work for us and others.

Do the work. May we all rise up and do the hardest, scariest most earth shattering and paradigm shifting work we possibly can right now – not because it’s fun, easy or enjoyable, but because it’s our work to do and handing off our responsibilities to the next generation is one of those patterns we all have the opportunity to break this month.

An Invitation to Expand Beyond All Previously Imaginable Possibilities

Goddess of the Void talisman (reversed) and X – The Wheel of Fortune

Continuing up through the spiral, we find a position marker reversed. The Goddess of the Void talisman representing “that which contains nothing but every possibility” being flipped on its head as if to ask, “do you really understand what ‘every possibility’ means?”

Aptly, the Major Arcana card X – The Wheel of Fortune shows up to again challenge everything “we think we know.” The Wheel represents the cycles of life, it’s fullness and completeness, and yes that includes pain, heartbreak and grief too.

This pairing is an attempt to remind us that what we believe is ‘true’ for us. That is why we must all guard our faith, not relinquishing our power to anything demanding it via the vanity of human ego and the desire to be “right,” but rather only to that which our faith is inherently devoted: Truth. We can find justification, excuses and reason anywhere we look for it, but it is our responsibility to ensure what we are making allowances for is what we want to be responsible for permitting, encouraging and enabling in this world.

Reimagine everything. We must take responsibility for the evil we see in the world and dare to demand better – first from ourselves, and then via the organic potency of Truth we will watch powerful change spread like wildfire.

We are a part of the cycle, if the egoic sickness of our species, society and culture persists, it is in part due to our participation, regardless of how passive and apathetic we are. We must “be the change [we] wish to see in the world,” or be willing to be an accomplice to the unimaginative and disempowered cycles we’d rather merely complain about.

Our Greatest Obstacles will Always be Those We Insist Upon

Smokey Quartz and the Two of Swords

Smokey Quartz is a neutralizing, clearing and balancing frequency, very powerful for transmutation and alchemy. The Two of Swords card represents a stalemate of mind, indecision and duplicitous thoughts. In this next position we have the extremes of our mental realms being brought into balance.

We know life is hard. We know life isn’t fair. We know we’re here to “struggle until we die.” Right?

What we think we ‘know’ inherently binds us. That’s why cognitive dissonance is so valuable for adaptations and progress. We have to challenge ourselves, bring things back into balance and avoid extremes. This doesn’t nullify the statements above, but it does inform and reclaim them.

Yes, life is hard, and it is often the most difficult and painful experience that provide us with strength, confidence and wisdom. Yes, life isn’t fair, and as a result our novelty and progress obsessed human intellects get to explore, examine and grow throughout our lives. Yes, we can certainly “struggle until we die,” chosing to ignore the miracles all around us, set in trying to survive by our own justifications and efforts, but we can also choose to enjoy each moment as another opportunity for life and all it’s dynamic fulness.

We have the power. This placement is asking us all to consider why we have chosen to invest our power into the outcomes we are experiencing in life right now and what would we need to change within our perspectives and understanding in order to foster more balance instead of extremes?

The Most Ancient Wisdom Reemerging

The Key, Garnet and II – The High Priestess

We have reached the split in the cast here at the placement of the Key. Signifying “answers” or revelations, the Key has two messages for us this month.

This first side of the Key, designated by a tear-drop Garnet, represents the most ancient and mythological archetype of Genius or “everything that makes us that does not belong to us.” This is the primordial, ancient wisdom of our bones, blood, DNA and breath – the intelligence beyond our conciousness that orchestrates all the miracles we are blessed to be able to take for granted every day.

The High Priestess is a Major Arcana card that represents a strikingly similar archetypal energy: the forgotten wisdom of the Divine’s consorts. She is the Devoted of Genius, the Lover of God and the Mistress of Majesty. She has forsaken everything with the exception of Divine Truth and finds her sustenance and power within all and every space and time, truly liberated through her blessed service.

We are being invited to come into this type of freedom and empowerment through our own recognition and devotion to the Divine. We are being asked to remember, beyond ourselves, to the depths of Truth. It is a reckoning – in response to all our cries for help and deliverance we are being asked to accept our Divine birthright, step into our power as a devotee of Purest Love and DO THE WORK.

If we are the hands and feet of God and we fail to perform our capable service, it is no fault of God’s for not forcing us. We must accept that we aren’t helpless, we are blessed, and it’s time we started acting accordingly.

Emboldening Our Quest for Truth

The Key, Snowy Quartz and The Kight of Swords

The next revelation the Key provides is designated by Snowy Quartz, which signifies a place of safety, home and comfort. The Kight of Swords has an aggressive mental energy, such as an insistence of knowledge. Energy created as a result of this placement is conflicting: we are being asked, yet again, to question everything we think we know.

Appering here, it is seemingly opposed to the energy of “accepting the Truths that exist independent of our understanding” that we just saw on the other side of the Key. In actuality, it is another invitation to expand and extend our consciousness into the dissonance of faith and discovery.

In this way, the Key has acted as a coin of sorts, with its two-sided placements representing the two sides that make up its whole. To come into Truth, we must be willing to accept that which is beyond our feeble human understanding as well as challenge the assertions of our ego’s “knowing” in order to do so.

Accepting the Responsibility of Being Our Own Masters

Fluorite, Jade wishing stone and The King of Swords

The final positions of the spread represent another split, supported and signified by fluorite. This crystal vibrates with a frequency of spiritual alchemy and transformation, crowning our January themes of metamorphosis and transition.

On this side we have Jade, and it also happens to be a wishing stone. This crystal has the energy of metaphysical favor, luck, abundance and spiritual wellbeing. Paired here with the King of Swords, I take this to be a very good sign for the results of all this tireless and difficult work of change. Doing this hard work will enable us to rise to the position of our soul’s highest potential.

The process of realigning with Truth and destiny is not one of subjugation, though our ego’s will try and entice us away with this assertion. Walking in the dignity and sovereignty of Divine grace provides the ultimate freedom through assurance, not that we will be everything to everyone but rather, that we are the only one who can be us.

We become the masters of our BEing not so that we can take as much as we can from the world – success, validation or experience – while we can. No, a true master of Self has no gluttony or greed to attain that which isn’t theirs and exists instead in the abundance of what they alone are inspired to give to the world. No one else can fulfill our destiny for us, we must work through our own karma and offer this world what we can – accepting that is the first step to true personal mastery.

Investing Our Power with Intention

Fluorite, Citrine and the King of Cups

Finishing out our first monthly reading of the decade, in the other crowning position supported by fluorite, we find a second King. This King of Cups falling as the final outcome, is informed by the crystal Citrine.

Citrine represents the prosperous material counterpart to the Jade energy we just saw in the corresponding fluorite supported position. This is money as opposed to love, time as opposed to respect and success as opposed to truth – the more modern-traditional, albeit shallow markers of wealth. The fact that we have both these material and ethereal stones of abundance appearing together supported by the spiritual alchemist frequencies of fluorite is quite profound in and of itself. Then of course come our glorious Kings, as if the Divine is simply showing us just how regal and magnificent the crowning of this month can be.

And what a set of Kings too. Acting as a sort of counterbalance to the energy of our King of Swords, the King of Cups brings the potentials of our mastery into manifestation. Claiming the formidable powers and potency of all emotions, he represents the element of water and the unbounded, reckless grace of the Divine.

Committing to the Divine is a bold act of faith that requires the willingness to feel it all: the heights of heavenly bliss as well as the ever collapsing depths of hell’s sorrow. It is the wisdom that love also contains grief, joy can require sacrifice and growing is often painful. To be enraptured by Spirit is not to be saved from this world but rather, to allow yourself to be used as a tool of Divine grace and blessings while you are still in it.

And with that my beloveds, Blessed Be!

This past week has been a doozy for me. I had to go back and look at last week’s Divination just to get a grip for this week’s spread – and of course, found comfort seeing the obstacles, prayers and discomfort all laid out for me even before the week had started. I’m telling you, being the channel does not excuse you from having to learn the lessons…

Regardless, the wheel keeps turning and the lessons keep coming – it’s time for a new week and new discoveries! Let’s dive right in:

True Metamorphosis

The Oracle Decks used this week: Kuan Yin, Dragonfae and Dragon

A caterpillar does not simply become a butterfly, it must first undergo complete dissolution into cosmic goop and be stitched anew, cell by cell, via its transformation. In this same way, seeking our highest expression requires an ability to let go of what we think we know in order to fully trust in the wisdom that’s “beyond” us (in this instance, namely our egos).

As we officially begin a new year and new decade this week, we are all being called to consider our own metamorphosis. What might we become if we become what we were always destined to be?

Trusting Our Own Truth

Orchid Priestess of Destiny- Kuan Yin Oracle Deck

This beautiful Kuan Yin card asks us to go within, deep within, to those places inside of our soul that persist beyond conditioning and compromise. We are being called back to that place of Destiny.

To do this, we must understand that destiny and karma are not opposed. The soul must fulfill its destiny, but it also has to navigate karma all along the way in order to do so.

Often, there is a sense that if something is destined it will come to pass no matter what. This is true, but not in the sense that fate clears the way and sets things up so that karma isn’t an issue at all. Destiny will come to pass no matter what, even if you have to struggle through thousands of years of karma to make it happen.

This card asks us to find that truth, the one that persists beyond the coordination of this time and place, straight into the purest extension of our infinity. We are all being called to return to our most pure and potent potentiality, that central point of being in which we are empowered to act with clarity and discernment – even avoiding unnecessary karma through an alignment with our eternal destiny – but how do we do that exactly?

Listening for Our Own Voice

The Listener – Oracle of the Dragonfae Deck

We all need to just shut the f^ck up. Seriously.

Information is like a plague upon our modern world, and in all our desperation to attain knowledge we have lost something that was already gifted to us from the beginning of time: wisdom. That still, small voice that exists even amidst deafening silence is the key – we must return to that place of “peace that passes understanding” within us.

In many ways, this is a conscious stripping away of justifications, excuses and “evidences” we have hard saught throughout our karmic cycles. As such an act of destruction and decay, it will be painful and we may even experience feelings of sorrow and grief. This discomfort is actually a great sign that you are doing the work and decluttering your destiny of unnecessary karma.

In Buddhism we can learn that attachments are the roots of our suffering, and therefore to truly detach will often require a purge of that suffering. This isn’t to say that every attachment is undesirable or unjustifiable; in truth, grief is the cost of love, but that doesn’t make love an unworthy pursuit. Rather, acceptance of grief along with love can keep us from attaching to unrealistic expectations of love, ultimately making the experience of that love more conscientious and fulfilling.

It is in this same way that listening, coming into our stillness and quiet, can reacquaint us with the wisdom on the other side of our knowledge. Sacred silence offers us the space to rediscover our endlessness and the endlessness of our world. It can help break up densities and shift perspectives, reaquainting us with the true magick of our wisdom that extends beyond mere understanding and enables us to find faith.

Making a Universal Stand

Earth Dragon – Dragon Oracle Cards Deck

This final card has a beautiful duplicity to it. It portends both clearing as well as grounding. Perhaps the clearing is the less obvious power play here, so let’s start there.

Earth isn’t merely a passive entity on which we enact our life’s dramas, but rather an active and powerful spiritual body, ever working alongside us on our spiritual paths. There is a reason we bury people when they die and why all life eventually decays and “returns to the earth,” this planet is a powerful alchemist, capable of taking in and reabsorbing matter, which also enables her own infinite destiny of creation.

In this way we see the pattern of metamorphosis emerging again. The earth is in a constant state of metamorphosis, as we all are, and it is in this place that we find her power of clearing.

This isn’t a clearing in which all is forgotten, never to be remembered and thus everything is fundamentally changed forever, having no entanglements to the past at all. Rather, this is the true clearing work of decomposition and reconstruction. This clearing work recognizes that for something to truly be no more, it must become something else.

This is why truth and destiny are eternal: the past is never truly gone, just merely recycled into the future. We have all heard that “those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it,” and this is why. There is truly “nothing new under the sun.”

Which is precisely where we can find our grounding: not in the elements that will endlessly change, but in the integrity of cosmic flux and change itself. What remains despite all else? What are the things that cannot be destroyed? What of these cosmic and eternal powers exist within us?

The Power of Coming Undone

As we all set out to begin this new era, may we be bold and brave – may we be able to strip away the unnecessary karma and realign with our true destinies. Might we all be willing to submit ourselves fully to the alchemical processes of existence and be reduced to the bare necessities of spirit and soul in order to be restitched through our own Divine metamorphoses.

May the fear, conditioning and justifications of the past all decay and dissolve into the primal, cosmic soup of endless possibilities once again. May we all dare to dream new dreams, and might they all be filled by the most ancient and holy Truth. In these ways, might we all be realigned with our destinies and begin 2020 with the empowerment and freedom of finally releasing our unnecessary karma.

Blessed Be my Beloveds, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Coming into our last full week of 2019, the big event is sure to be the Annular Solar Eclipse and New Moon on the 26th. In many ways, we have been preparing for this all fall.

Now that winter is officially here, all of the reflections and considerations of these past few months are coming to a head. The time for deciding what meaning it will make is now.

Designing Destiny

Indeed, we are the meaning makers. No matter what has transpired, whether traditionally deemed “good” or “bad,” meaning is never fixed until/unless we decide it is.

This is why we all appreciate a good underdog story. When someone chooses to defy the odds and create powerful meaning in their lives, it reminds us of what is possible.

The true value of humanity is in our curiosity and creativity. Through ingenuity and diversity we are problem solvers and progress backers, it’s in our very nature. We are in a way, multipliers.

We take our experience and create data or understanding from it, providing feedback through our reactions, like user-testers of a quantum cosmic program. Our feedback influences the program, whether we are conscious of it or not, and there are far reaching reverberations of those effects throughout all of humanity.

The Nihilistic Paradox

I wrote a poem by that name in September, channeling and foreshadowing the work our spirits would be coming through this fall, even before the Equinox. Now here we are, being asked frankly: what will we make of our lives?

This week we are being challenged to consider our own creative power, and as you will see, much of it is in the smallest details. It’s really not so much about what happens to us as it is how we make meaning of what happens to us:

From The Universe Has Your Back Deck

“Obstacles are detours in the right direction.”

From The Universe Has Your Back Deck

Things haven’t been easy, so what? Is that what you’re really here for, an easy life? Do you truly believe that in an unjust world you are deserving of favor or fairness and ease?

We have to pull ourselves up out of our self-pity, and with a foundation of self-love and personal responsibility, we have to take back our world. It’s not fair, it’s not fun, it’s not easy, but the alternative is that we’re content being a bunch of whiney, manipulative and spoiled brats who sit around complaining about how we got the wrong flavor of ice cream instead of being grateful we got fucking icecream at all (this goes out to all my privileged, first-world homies).

What do we want to be remembered for and how are we creating THAT in our world? We are the meaning makers, without us doing our jobs and reclaiming our power, yes – life is meaningless.

Remembering Our Strength

From The Universe Has Your Back Deck

“The key to prayer is to forget what I think I need.”

From The Universe Has Your Back Deck

We reclaim power over what is or has been through our ability to make meaning, but we actually reclaim power over our future by releasing control over potential outcomes. Still with me?

See, this world has it backwards, trying to make meaning of futures before they have them, creating attachments and expectations, we’re all just setting ourselves up for disappointment after disappointment. We know that we cannot control what happens to us, and that it’s all meaningless until we manufacture meaning for ourselves, but we must also consider what can happen when we are projecting our power rather than applying it.

Sure, fantasizing about the future is fun. Our imaginations can run wild, unencumbered by the realities and conditions of the past and present – but we don’t make meaning in these ways. We can actually even drain the potential meaning from our reality by investing our energy into impossibilities.

This second card is asking us to suspend our projections of meaning on the future and instead place our faith back in the divine, knowing no matter what transpires we have still been given the ability to make whatever meaning from it we dare. That is true trust in the magnificence of an omnipotent creator, believing in our own fate, standing strong on our path, ready to face whatever might lay ahead without preference for “easy,” “comfortable” or even “fair.”

We must remember the strength of the Divine in us when we pray, and beg not to be spared, like unworthy outcasts, but rather offer ourselves fully to the path set out before us. We can be honored and take pleasure in whatever danger and difficulties may be ahead, knowing it is all testament to our Divine strength within.

Choosing Blessing

From The Universe Has Your Back Deck

“I find a deeper meaning and personal growth amid the discomfort.”

From The Universe Has Your Back Deck

We are only as strong as we let ourselves be. Whether we believe we can or we cannot, we are right.

It may be tempting to blame all our problems on things we cannot control, but that renders us powerless. We can live lives that are meaningless, we can sacrifice ourselves to the complaints and discomforts of being eternal victims, we can find as many excuses and justifications as we so desire. Or we can decide to be more.

As we approach this monumental day of intention, may we all remember our true power. May we all choose blessing in our lives and release our attachments to curses. Blessed Be Beloveds!

BONUS: the cosmos is just being funny now! Loved the succinct wrap up of this week’s Divination in this fortune though:

Astrology, Numerology and Divination are tools used by mystics to channel messages from the Divine. All guidance and understanding offered by mayryanna for Optimal Mastery is channeled for Awakened Souls and will be applicable only to those who are seeking to harmonize with the grand symphony of life. Sun sign astrology, horoscopes and more personalized divination are not published for general consumption on OM. For personal quandaries or specialized guidance, please make an appointment with mayryanna.

The woods are eerily quiet tonight. The normal sounds of existence muffled by freshly fallen snow. It’s as if the whole forest is holding its breath.

The bright still-full moon lights up the landscape, reflecting off the angelic white caps on the mountains and trees. There’s a stillness that feels charged, lurking in between the shadows.

What are you afraid of when you are most vulnerable? What hides in the dark spots of your mind? This is to be our lesson this week: the value of Mystery herself.

The Great Goddess

The call was immediate, actually even premeditated – the Goddesses Knowledge Cards deck very adamantly insisted on being involved in the reading this week. I am watching my niece and nephew for a long weekend and they practically jumped into my hand when I was selecting my tools for this week’s reading. Again, just as I sat to do this reading, they wanted to go first!

Well, what can I say, when the Goddesses call I listen:

Diana – Goddesses Knowledge Cards

As the moon shines through the darkness and illuminates the night, so too Diana emerges. Fierce and powerful, she is a manifestation of the Triple Goddess and also governs nature and wild beasts. She is both a protector and a warrior, with the wisdom to be both compassionate and brave.

Without much initial intuition about her message, I then felt called to my Dragonfae Oracle deck:

Dreamcatcher – Oracle of the Dragonfae

Here again, a wild Dragonfae queen, of the night and moon – of course, but the why still alluded me. Are we to reflect on this past full moon, even though it itself was a reflection of sorts? Is it a message about the wildness, about the Divine feminine rising? If so, how does that apply to this week?

Illuminating the Unknown

With more questions than answers at this point, I turned to my trusty Shadowscapes Tarot deck:

Five of Wands – Shadowscapes Tarot

Ah hah! Beasts, so it does have to do with the rewilding? But what exactly? I continue:

Ace of Wands – Shadowscapes Tarot

More beasts! But the stark difference in their demeanor strikes the cord: this week is about taming these inner beasts. Now, what might these beasts be?

Five of Wands represents chaotic passion. There’s a lot of energy but very little direction. It can be overwhelming and demoralizing to have your dreams become your tormentors.

But they don’t have to be.

In the Ace of Wands, we can see how peaceful and contented the foxes can be. They are unified, with purpose.

Passion, these inner beasts, our clever and cunning whits – none of these are our torment. We are tormented by our chase, as well as our denial of these things. We get so wrapped up in whys and whats we become incompetent.

Alas, look at our beloved Diana, she too must take control and make hard choices. Ruler of the night, she reflects the light of the sun; protector of the wilds, and goddess of the hunt; she is both maiden and crone, both mother and Mystery. She represents the multifaceted divine feminine: beautiful, graceful and ferocious.

The Triple Goddess reminds us of our own versatility and resourcefulness. We have survival encoded into us and we have been making lives for ourselves long before convenience made us apathetic and weak.

In this modern era there is too much. Too much stuff, too much worry, too much distress. And it’s all interrelated. Diana, Dreamcatcher and our beautiful beasts are all here to remind us: we don’t need everything. So what do we need?

Shining a Beacon

Finally, I pull again from my Tarot deck:

XII – The Chariot – Shadowscapes Tarot

Here we see a powerful woman, riding a chariot pulled by unicorns, across the turbulent sea. The creatures all recognize her natural authority yet she does not persuade their attention, rather, she manifests their admiration.

She is a leader by virtue of her identity, not her deed. This is what we must also strive for, not that we might some how accomplish enough to appreciate ourselves, but that we might appreciate ourselves along the way to every accomplishment.

You have the reigns, so why aren’t you using them? Stop justifying things. Stop making excuses and looking the other way. Get to know those inner beasts of yours enough to understand how to fulfill their passions rather than fight them. Living your truth, shine bright no matter what shadows you cast or what darkness you illuminate.

Blessed be beloveds, may your week be full of the Goddess’ enchantments –

Weekly Divination: Dec. 16th – 22nd 2019