A blood-red flag flies 
War on the horizon
started in ignorance 
to end with more hate

Soot and ash fill skies
fires consuming all
the world watching
koalas n’ kangaroos die

All sense in me cries
my heart heavy with grief
but there’s no fear in me
not anymore, there can’t be

I’ve been called to heal
to rest, relax and meditate
Even amidst all of this
to fully surrender to Divinity

It’s not rational or realistic
to not give up hope –
but not try to fix it –
to simply return to existence

Believing beyond conditions
that I don’t have to make it
My life never independent 
from all sustaining graces

Could I have this peace
if I still had my sense?
Perhaps I had to go crazy
to survive this insanity

I have no tears falling
yet I feel my spirit sob
suddenly my heart’s beats
revealing their ignition

I’ve found myself eternal 
within the space of rhythm
Melting inbetween limits
saturating expansiveness 

Here with Pachamama 
as she kisses the Sun
I am caught up in rapture
the cosmic dance of love

This is a fun little poem I wrote and shared on Facebook 2 years ago. I had forgotten about it until it popped up in my newsfeed memories this morning. I do believe it is a gem though –

In the drawing down of the day, at the time
of Sun’s own waining, be reminded that
even in darkness the light still shines
if only you lend the scape of your
mind, in which, it can brightly
burn. Look within, seeking –
warmth & joy abounds.
Not apart, but a part –
your own glory a
small reflection
of the golden
heat, sure
to rise
in instead
of out, feed
yourself with
loving abandon.
Give, not to recieve,
but for the enjoyment
of the release. Lightening
the loads you believe you must
carry, letting go of the shadows you
drag behind you, lifting yourself first up
and out of the darkness. Bless your own soul.

little girl, crying in the dirt parking lot of a church over a skinned knee you managed to get playing red rover
You end up falling off a boulder in Death Valley in a dozen years, laughing out loud as you discover all the bruises and scratches with your friends later by the campfire light
tormented 20 year old virgin, mind always racing with unanswered questions, fear ever brooding in your heart
You have your first threesome, and then your first foursome, the summer you’ll spend traveling after you turn 27
sweet darling of thirteen, writing out a list of attributes for your perfect man with your best friend: ‘godly, hard worker, patient…’
You fall into the hopeless romance of your life with a criminal, both knowing and unknowingly – you’ll divorce him six years later without any regrets, but with plenty of secrets
innocent baby, not more than eleven – throwing up dozens of pills; all alone in a big house on a lonely mountain with only guilt and shame to guide you
You live –

a gentle stirring like
breezes tickling leaves
ants rustling beneath
grass growing
flowers blooming
sunshine thawing snow
listen with your whole
suspended breath
tremors of focus
gaping open mind
deliciously craving
hope that persists
it’s not here yet
but it’s coming
persisting passed
primordial deaths
pushing up beyond
limits condemning
reaching out and in
to find reunion’s bliss
like whispers on wind
lost to distractions
yet still ever there
for those of us listening
following paths of light
the fae leave in dust
it’s not obvious
until you see it
close eyes and savor
falling back into dark
letting possibility implode
freeing up all powers
dancing to the silence
caught in rhythms unknown
allow conciousness’ expanse
collapse all assumption
cradling soft tenderness
adorning love with glories
breathe and be breathed
join once again in beingness
it’s not only an end
this awakening

I’ve had this feeling lately – daily blogging is getting dull, or uninspired… More and more I don’t know what to post, or I just don’t want to post…Like I’m tapped out or something.


I know I’ve got more gems in me, somewhere… I haven’t even been doing this long enough to be good at it really.

So, perhaps the problem isn’t really me, maybe it’s my approach.

On rare occasions, I know what I want to blog, but most of the time I’m just grasping for something or anything to post last minute. That always makes it stressful. Who wants to feel stressed every day?

So, I’m going to try something new. I’ve found a journal prompt app that I am going to be using for a while and see how that goes. Rather than wonder what to post, I’ll simply reply to a prompt from this app in a blog.

This way, I won’t be pressured to come up with a topic from scratch every day even before I can get to the work of blogging. I hope that this plan will help me to overcome this slub, and ultimately make me a better blogger.

I’m sure I won’t always need the prompts, but I’m glad that I can utilize this option until I’m feeling more confident about my own idea formation… And I’m sure things will become much more diverse and interesting with this outside influence spurring my reflections and perspectives too.

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