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At 12:12am EST time today, December (12) 12, 2019 (which numerologically reduces to 12), we had our Gemini moon reach peak fullness. The final full Moon of the decade, it seems to be signaling a powerful wave of competition. 12 is a magickal number, considered an angel number, that signifies fulfillment, wholeness and completion.

In the 12 we see a beautiful unity formed between the individual 1 and the partnering 2, which then numerologically reduces to 3, the number of manifestation, fertility and family. It is the number of promises fulfilled, though not necessarily dreams come true. It represents the fruition or consequences of choices, partnerships and experiences.

Personally, I intuit the number 12 to represent the individual in relationship to the divine. It is the perfect, sometimes wonderful and sometimes terrible, but always true reflection of life manifest.

So what does not one, not two but five 12s symbolize? As if there haven’t already been enough cosmic indicators to slow down and pay attention throughout the past 6 months, it’s as if existence itself is screaming, waving sparklers and jumping up and down to get our attention right now.

“Remember. Remember. Remember. Remember. Remember.”

12:12 12.12.12 Code

Rewinding the Calendar

As I sat to prepare for today’s Divination, I felt myself called by the number 12. Like an echo, the months of the year seemed to reverberate through my mind. A review, of the entire year – yes, indeed – this is the channel:

12:12 12.12.12 Rune and Tarot Divination

I began with the Runes, casting them like rain as I chanted my invocation and intention, letting them fall naturally from my hands as I shook them all together. It wasn’t until I began to examine them afterward that I noticed they had fallen towards each of the Sabbats on my table tapestry, so I straightened them into a grid, mindful of the two extra that placed themselves at the top of the mat near the goddess’ hands and Yule.

I felt guided to read the Runes clockwise, beginning with Imbolc and working around to Yule, as well as that the cast was referencing this past year: 2019. Here are the Rune’s reflections of all the themes we have come through:

Early 2019: Berkana

Representing the beginning of this past year, the Rune Berkana is one of fertility and suitably, new beginnings. Perhaps we were still completely unaware of all the changes and growth to come throughout 2019, perhaps we didn’t yet dare to hope for this year to be one of tremendous change and revelation, but this casting shows that that’s exactly what it was always going to be: we were starting something.

Despite how shaky or unsure we might have felt at the time, we began this year in strength. There were decisions and commitments made that would color and inform the rest of our year. Depending on how ready and willing we were to take the opportunity, make the choice or take the risk, everything was available to us.

Spring 2019: Teiwaz

Our early excitment lead to some victories in Spring of 2019, as indicated here by Teiwaz. We made our choice, put in the work and them got to reap the rewards. All was as it should be, perhaps even seeming too good to be true.

Some of us might have even been asking, is it really this easy? Alas, this Rune is also that of the warrior, and though at first our show of strength was reassuring, it ultimately portends our responsibility as well, and it is this divine birthright that we had only begin to explore.

Late Spring 2019: Inguz

Another positive rune, Inguz is another fertility Rune and quite suited to Beltane, the Sabbat that celebrates just that. It was at this time of year that we started taking ourselves, our gifts, our strengths – everything – more seriously. We started to think about what we wanted to make of our days more and more as they grew ever longer. The doubts we may have had in the beginning of the year started to dissipate and our confidence started growing.

The universe was ripe with blessings and we were hungry with passion. Perhaps this even led to some overeagerness and hypersensitivity, but we were feeling powerful and guided all the same. There was a flow and a grace, even amidst our vulnerable lusts.

Early Summer 2019: Kaunaz

Then there was summer and we were all reminded of humility. Grace took on new meaning as each of us learned to wade through luck of all kinds. We had to relearn blessing and prosperity, many of us finding ourselves counting our fortune in ways we couldn’t have imagined before.

None of us know what we have until it’s gone – or maybe almost gone? Maybe we don’t have to lose it all? Maybe we don’t have to hit rock bottom? Not all luck is treasure, sometimes it’s a narrow miss with horrible detriment or a hard lesson learned, and boy did we get to experience this jolt in perspective as the long days of summer reigned.

Late Summer 2019: Eiwaz

Though our summer started with a bit of an ego check, we were assisted into integration by our faith and guides. This is as soothing as it is startling. In some traditions, Eiwaz is the Rune of death, but it is also the Rune of magick.

We had been foolish enough to think that we were blessed because we are deserving, and we had to be reminded that blessing is always undeserved. It’s not a crisis, but it is still painful. It is learning, it is growing – it is rebirth. Our joy and passion began to take on a more serious note as we started to consider how much of our lives we can be grateful for – and what that truly looks like when it’s being lived instead of just said.

Early Fall 2019: Othila

With rekindled sensitivity and modesty, summer left us primed for fall’s introduction of the real work of 2019: an honest inventory of our inheritance. Not just our family dynamics, but our humanity and even earthly existence came to the forefront. We were invited to witness the trappings of grace and responsibility even further beyond what we had already learned.

We began to make plans, plans to fail, but to fail again and again – to try and fail as many times as necessary to overcome the worst and become the better. We started internalizing and examining, seeking in earnest. Deep desires for legacy, contribution and progress began taking root in our hearts and minds.

Late Fall 2019: Thurisaz

As the Pagan New Year crossed over we felt as though we were entirely different people than in early 2019. As we were prompted to look back and reflect, we began to see how our naivety checkered the year already, and yet also, how very much has been learned. Simultaneously reminded of our need for growth and our remarkable ability to do so.

Suitably, Thurisaz is the Rune of regeneration, landing here on the night of Hallow’s Eve. This year we began to seek more meaning and honor for our ancestors, even those who have wronged us, by learning how to be grateful for the hard, real things. We all felt the veil thinning this year, even if we wanted to deny it, and we are all left to reckon with our own experiences.

Back to Now

Winter 2019 (NOW): Gebo, Nyd and Mannaz (top, left, right)

The Rune Gebo ends our reading quite beautifully, as if to remind us that all of it – the ups, the downs and even the inside-outs – all of 2019 was a gift. We are loved, and through this incredible journey called life, we are all married to the process of existing, growing, learning and ultimately loving as well.

This Rune is symbolic of a gift and is also the Rune of marriage. This is one of few Runes that has no possible reverse meaning and is typically always positive.

To further inform this blessing of Gebo for the end of our year, for right now and for always, we have the two Runes Nyd and Mannaz. Nyd has fallen reversed, the first and only reversal in this Rune cast, and is not a true reversal by its nature. Nyd (need) represents the distance between ourselves and our purpose, the great cavern of experienced to be traversed on the journey from survival to thriving, and there’s really no way around that – or is there?

I believe that the Nyd reversal here echos the themes of this year’s journey; through all of the ebbs and flows, there is grace that persists should we choose to accept it. Should we choose to be grateful, to seek the beauty amidst the travesty, we can indeed be fulfilled regardless of our lack. We have come to understand that having is evidence of wanting, for we cannot acquire without need, we cannot grow without pain and we cannot achieve without overcoming. Perhaps it isn’t these spaces of void that are detrimental, but the potential for despair when we focus only on what isn’t rather on what could be.

Finally, our Winter 2019 Rune cast is sealed with Mannaz, the rune of humanity. Perfect isn’t it? To seal a year of imperfect failing, discovery, re-commitment and revelation with a symbol for all of that very human processing.

So what, we don’t get everything right! So what it’s hard! We know now, difficulties exist to be overcome. We have remembered that within the fabric of our human existence is passion and hunger for progress and we are only just beginning to realize the extent of what that means for us personally.

The Endless Truth

To conclude my divination, I drew four Tarot cards from my Shadowscapes deck to represent 1) what we are leaving behind in 2019, 2) what we are taking with us into 2020, 3) what we’ve learned and 4) what makes this all possible:

From the Shadowscapes Tarot Deck

What we are leaving behind in 2019

XIX – The Sun (reversed)

What a glorious blessing indeed! We are leaving behind those distortions, ideals and conditions that have kept us from experiencing true joy and abundance!

XIX – The Sun is the 20th Major Arcana card (they begin at 0) and represents the best, brightest and most blessed beauties and bounties of life. Showing up here reversed indicates that we have been blocking the fullness of these things in our life, most likely inwardly through mental, emotional and spiritual blocks. Leaving this tendency to rob ourselves behind is surely one of the greatest gifts we could be given, and reflects the messages of the Runes:

“Do not take forward with you those burdens that belong to the person who has not learned the hard lessons of your life. Rejoice that you have survived. Give thanks for your enduring spirit. For life is not truly bountiful without also containing difficulties as well as the confidence and wisdom gained through overcoming them.”

mayryanna’s channel

What we are taking with us into 2020

I – The Magician

Another Major Arcana Card and another blessing, I – The Magician represents the archetype of the alchemist. As we approach 2020 we can do so with pride, not in our abilities to do everything, but in our abilities to learn anything. In this way we are the masters of our destiny and manifesters of our dreams: we can grow, learn change and master ourselves, becoming optimal not in spite of the challenges along the way but because of all the experience they have given us.

This is a powerful message for us and our new year, it’s as if the cosmos is asking us, what will you do with 2020? How will you show up? What difference will you make? Now that we know our birthright is love and its cost is grief, now that we have come to terms with our humanity and the hard won value of our life lived, now that we have seen both the responsibility we have to progress as well as the grace that sustains us beyond our abilities – what won’t we do in 2020?

What we’ve learned

Page of Cups

It’s true, 2019 wasn’t an “easy” year, but arguably that made it better. We learned a lot, about learning. More specifically, we began to learn how to not only hear the subtle messages of our emotions, but also listen to them, honor and appreciate them. We began to conceptualize that the extremes are only ever a part of the story, and that on the other side of grief there is always love.

Regardless of pain or joy, we have come to understand that life’s fullness is all valuable. We have come to appreciate doing the hard things, showing up for others and ourselves when it’s uncomfortable and unpopular. In this way, we have learned to reclaim the depths of ourselves, becoming both our own student as well as our own master.

What makes this all possible

XIII – Death

Ah yes, the Major Arcana card XIII – Death – it’s always getting a bad wrap. That’s because often Western ideology interprets the act of dying as a process of loss, but we must remember that the science and mythos of Tarot predates these modern assumptions and tainting. In Tarot, Death is Rebirth.

You can see that depicted beautifully in the depiction of the Phoenix on this Shadowscapes card. This mythological creature rises from the ashes of its own transformation. Another way of thinking about it is as the process a caterpillar goes through when it becomes a butterfly; all that was is destroyed in order to create the new.

That is what makes all of this possible – all of the grace, progress and learning – we owe it all to transformation. The ability to die to our past and take up our future every day is what keeps the wheel turning. It is never too late, each moment another chance to start over again, and by knowing that we can approach 2020 and every blessed year with excitement for what we want to create!

Blessed be beloveds, may our final weeks of 2019 be filled with gifts and love!

December will start with a welcome reprieve from the last two month’s bustle. At least for the next week or so, we will feel like we are able to catch our breath and start to get ahead of our holiday to-dos. This month’s not without it’s own astrological and numerological punches though, so let’s take a look at what’s in store as 2019 comes to a close:

Mirrored Moon Magick

The Full Moon in Gemini on the 12th will have our minds kicking into high gear about this past year, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself flipping between many different perspectives about all that’s transpired. A full moon is all about illumination, and we’ll all have the unique opportunity to see things clearly, holistically and more unbiased than ever.

Interestingly, this reflective energy is mirrored in the 12/12 code (a double dose of which goes to those in the EST timezone where the fullness of this phase reaches its peak at 12:12am). If you’ll recall, 2019 is a 12/3 year numerologically, and here we see the 12/3 code doubled (or even quadrupled), on a night of a full moon in Gemini, the astrological sign of the cosmic twins.

What’s what and who’s who? It might even start to feel like your mind is locked inside of a carnival funhouse full of distorted mirrors. That level of mental disorientation gives rise to madness, but it doesn’t have to.

Have you done the work of finding your stoic tranquility and resilience this year? Have you found space within yourself where the expansiveness of truth and the brilliance of purpose do not have to be in conflict? Have you identified the values, habits and goals of your most sovereign and authentic self? Are you willing to part ways with those things that might be okay or fine, but ultimately just spoil your chances at true fulfillment?

If you haven’t figured out what keeps you centered and/or chaotic yet, you’re about to. Ready or not. The majority of this month will be dedicated to what’s settled after this year stirred everything up.

The Sun’s Rebirth

The 21st of this month will mark Midwinter, or Winter Solstice here in the Northern Hemisphere. It will also mark the start of my own personal Pagan Yule Celebration that will run for 12 days, ending on January 1st 2020.

Winter Solstice marks the longest night of the year, after which the days will begin growing longer once again. It is for this reason Pagans of all types held celebrations at this time of year.

In addition to the promise of a warming earth and next year’s possibilities of harvest, celebrations were held to encourage merriment and lift spirits among loved ones and friends during this dark and cold days. The traditions of decorating, feasting and gift-giving all combining to create what is even called the “holiday season” in modern times.

You too can reclaim this holy day season for yourself. It doesn’t have to be a time of consumerism and drama. Either join me on my journey of the 12 Days of Yule, December 21st – January 1st, or simply decide to make your celebrations and gift giving more intentional this year for yourself.

An Ecliptic Affair

The day after Christmas, on the 26th, we will have our Annular Solar Eclipse. This means the sun will be all but blocked from view here on earth by the moon in a cosmic alignment of these three celestial bodies.

This alignment will happen in the astrological sign of Capricorn and occurs each year around this time. This eclipse in particular has beneficial aspects with both Jupiter and Uranus.

Good luck, new opportunities and bold chances are all a possibility as we cross into the 2nd half of Yule celebrations and approach the new solar year. How will you be allowing the wisdom of your lunar sensitivities to inform and filter your own glorious solar power? What are the ways your inner truth can support the best of your outer expressions?

Get ready to start asking these questions and more as we shift from a more community centered perspective to a more individualized one after our Christmas activities come to a close. We’re all becoming more aware of how quickly time passes us by as we prepare to welcome the year 2020. What are you doing with your life? What had you imagined you would’ve accomplished by now and how did you think the world might be different?

It’s all as much about you as it is anything else. We are all a part of this reality we call life, contributing to it for better or for worse. In that way, our individual insecurity or empowerment has consequences that reach far beyond our own personal experiences. Consider your own alignments and their outcomes; you are cosmically supported to make a shift at this time, even a radical one, so make it intentional and dare to expand the blessings of your life’s repercussions before ever stepping foot into 2020.

Divinatory Conclusions

Source Dragon, Dragon Oracle Cards Deck

The first card pulled for this month is one we saw last month as well, indicating our work continues. Even though the month starts off in a bit of a lull, we aren’t quite done with the deep, transformational process we’ve been undergoing this year. Calm seas can be deadly, just below the surface.

Integration is not only beneficial, it is essential. We must take the time to learn the lessons that have been presented to us at a soul level, only then will we come into our true strength of Spirit. Release the ego, more. Trust the divine, more. Actualize your enlightenment, more. Just be, more.

Find yourself by losing your sense of rightness. In this suspended fullness, get on a mat or chair and just sit. Explore the separation dividing you from source until it dissolves completely and you are left with only Truth.

Dignity, Wisdom of the Crone Deck

Our next card seems to speak to the energy of the eclipse and the call we’ve all recieved to embrace our sovereign selves. This is similar to the message of the Source Dragon card, but it turns the attention to the Source within as opposed to the Source as it might be outside of ourselves.

I believe it came prior to the last card as a reminder to carry this dignity and sovereignty with us into our holiday celebrations. Yet, we are not left without our lighthearted seasonal merriment either.

Orange Dragon, Dragon Oracle Cards Deck

Our last card draw for the month is the Orange Dragon and brings a message that echos the purposes of Pagans past:

“Spread belonging, warmth and oneness. Bring people everywhere together.”

Orange Dragon, Dragon Oracle Cards Deck

As we traverse the long nights of this dark season, towards the promise of the sun’s rebirth, let us not forget the light we carry within ourselves. We have the ability to be warm or cold, loving or cruel, marry or bitter. Choose for yourself, but choose with the awareness of how you matter and mean to others as well.

Blessed Be Beloveds! May your 2019 finish as spectacularly as your 2020 begins!

“…a number is not just a number as you are not just a human, all that is a part of this universe is comprised of energy, frequencies, and vibrations.”

You Are Luminous

The Resonance of One

Identity. Integrity. Individual. Even the number 1 looks eerily similar to the letter/word “I,” which is a convenient reminder of its inherent meaning. In addition to the ego, personality and self though, this number can also signify wholeness and unity.

In these ways, the number One has a powerful resonance that invokes the very essence of divinity: it is both One and the Whole. It serves to remind us of ourselves, both in our uniqueness as well as in our belonging, in our bigness as well as our smallness.

One reminds us of our individual power as well as our innate longing. It’s a complex, internally challenging number that supports either egoic self-obsession or mindful source-awareness respective of whether we choose to avoid the discomfort of its spiritual dissonance or dive straight into it.

The Reflection of Eleven

Playing off of the themes of number One, Eleven packs a duel punch of both cosmic and self-awareness. Here we see the self and the other, standing parallel, in either opposition or support: 11.

For those resistant to the inherent longing for return to the Whole within their own identity, this resonance is even more challenging to the ego than that of the number One. It is essentially a divine mirror, shining back our truth, and if we are uncomfortable in our truth we will also be uncomfortable in the vibrations of Eleven.

Eleven may also be experienced as divine support, cosmic blessings and guidance for those of us who are willing to suspend cognition enough to hold space for the dissonance of the One and the Whole. An open heart will celebrate its opportunity to see itself fully in the divine mirror Eleven provides. For those doing the work, this frequency can even feel like a reprieve or recognition of the work their soul has been doing.

The Reactivity of 11/11

So what happens when the reflective energy of Eleven is itself further reflected by itself? COSMIC REVELATION EXPANSION!

We all have the opportunity to explore ourselves, our relationship to the divine, our relationship to the world and others, as well as the divine’s, the world’s and others’ relationships to us today too. Our sights will be clear, the truth will be obvious and celebrations, strategies and plans can all be well made.

We also have the number Four come into play in this number series, as now there are Four Ones total. Four is a foundational, solid and structural number. Think of the ancient practice of using cornerstones in the foundations of homes, these (primitively) Four stones were essentially the load bearers and made the home a sound and safe structure.

The potent reflective energy of Eleven reflecting Eleven combined with the incredible opportunity to solidifying foundational identities for ourselves in the vibrations of Four Ones makes the 11/11 portal one of the most empowering days of the entire year. Taking full advantage of this protal doesn’t have to be as complicated or nuanced as the numbers themselves either!

Intentionally Invoking the Potential of 11/11

Get out a journal and pen, but just sit. Tap into your center, that place within you where you feel the resonance of One, where your identity and the Source cease to exist separately.

Just sit. Notice what arises. Watch your emotions, thoughts and discomfort. Be the witness of your ego and Spirit for a while. No judgements, just observe:

  • What does your ego sound/feel like?
  • What does Spirit sound/feel like?
  • What reflections of your personal identity and connection to Source make your ego more or less upset?
  • What tactics does your ego use to try and be the “voice of reason” and how is Spirit combatting those insecurities?

Maintain compassion for yourself and even your ego throughout this process. Our egos are not purposeless accidents and actually exist to serve us. It is good and healthy to have awareness of potential dangers and even some fear. Unfortunately, modern society has grabbed hold of ego’s motivation – insecurity – while also losing sight of Spirit’s grace, and has consequently made us all a bit hypersensitive, but that still doesn’t make ego the enemy.

Once you’ve begun to clarify your ego and Spirit’s reflection of it within your center, begin to offer gratitude. You may start with Spirit because that is typically easier, but don’t leave out your ego! Thank it for its hypervigilance and desire to keep you safe. Thank it for its love and care, however misguided it may also be. Accept that it’s not perfect but it is trying and endeavor give it the grace Spirit provides.

When you feel the comfort, acceptance and love begin to bloom within your heart as consequence of your intentional gratitude reuniting the wholeness of Spirit with your personal identity, you have reached the point of ultimate potentially for the 11/11 portal. From this space of love and awareness, begin to identify cornerstones:

  • What are your top Four priorities in life?
  • What are the top Four core values or guiding principles you turn to when making important decisions?
  • If you had to choose only Four virtues to embody in this lifetime, what would they be?
  • If your friends and family were to describe you, what Four words would you hope they choose to use?

Now take a look at your answers to these questions and find the similarities. Narrow down your focus to your own Four, personally inspired cornerstones: these values/virtues have the potential to empower you by providing the pure clarity, focus and motivation that can only come through conscious conviction. This is your new foundation from which you will build your future!

Your Own Personal 11/11 Code

You will often see titles such as “activation code,” “angel code” or other divine “codes” assigned to the 11/11 portal. This is because being fully engaged with this energy can be incredibly transformative, rejuvenating and invigorating – much like you have recieved heavenly downloads, unlocking a magickal “code” that assists you in every possible area of life.

By doing the exercises above, you have essentially cracked this code for yourself; it is nothing more than learning to suspend judgements of our ego by accepting the divine grace of Source, and finding Truth within that unity. The code is the cornerstone virtues this grace enables us to discover and the multitude of blessings and clarity these virtues create in our lives once they are identified.

The code is acceptance, fully and wholly, while standing naked before the powerful reflection of divine glory. In this way, we are all called to step further into divinity today; learning to forgive and love even those parts of us that would steal our peace and joy. It is reclamation; it is Love.

Another week is dawning and I for one am grateful to have made it through the heart wrenching emotional gymnastics of last week’s soul-healing vibes. The cosmos wasted no time in shaking us all up and now that things have gotten real, real deep, we’re being told to relax and trust the divine.

This week’s spread was intuitive, moving across the chakra stones barrier in the middle of my table mat in a zigzag fashion; beginning at the top left, moving to the center right and then down to the bottom left before beginning again at the top right and mirroring the pattern on the opposite sides all the way down. I find the importance of feminine and masculine energies being brought into balance as well as the double helix form both indicated in this spread.

I began with the Shadowscapes Tarot Deck:

This Week’s Intuitive Spread


VII The Chariot (Shadowescapes Tarot Deck)

We have been seen! The Major Arcana card XII, The Chariot indicates that the shadowy journeys we’ve taken into the depths of raw, ugly yet essential truth are being recognized. We are being hailed as the captains of our own destiny’s and our guides are celebrating our autonomy, not through subjugation but rather, through glorious harmonization!

As the 11/11 portal opens on Monday, we start our week with a powerful suspension of time and space. The heavens, our ancestors and deities, are all pulling back at the edges of reality to create an endlessness in which we are given a chance to take that rejuvenating deep breath we’ve been longing for. This won’t look like a lazy day though, in fact, anticipate the flow state and don’t be surprised when you get a lot more than you planned done for a change.

The divine message of this day is: “I am a blessed child of the divine!”

A Challenge

XIX The Sun, Reversed (Shadowscapes Tarot Deck)

In the midst of this glorious and divinely supportive celebration, we are still being called to refine and explore our awareness. The Sun coming up reversed is not typically considered fortunate, as the Sun is one of the most fortunate cards in the deck and a reversal suggests density or conflict of some kind, yet I intuit this to indicate a highly fortunate opportunity all the same.

We are all being called to reconsider what success, joy and fortune mean to us. I feel this reversal is speaking more to an internal condition rather than an external circumstance. What are the ways in which you might be limiting the joy and luck in your life because of personal biases or conditioned beliefs? Be prepared to start asking this and questions like it on Tuesday the 12th when the moon reaches peak fullness in the sign of Taurus.

We would be wise to use these sesual, mindful Taurean energies and the illumination of the full moon to help us see gaps in our self-care and carve out long term plans for facilitating better habits for ourselves. Why must success equal the delegation of our needs or wants? Perhaps we can have every luxury, if only we stop waiting for others to provide them for us and do the work of reaping rewards for ourselves.

The divine message of this day is: “I am as happy as I could ever be, right now!”


I The Magician (Shadowscapes Tarot Deck)

The Magician card is the second card in the Major Arcana, denoted “I” because the Fool begins the set at “0.” This card is one of empowerment and asks us to look to ourselves for that which we need and desire.

Given the previous two cards, I intuit this energy to be further promoting a self-inventory of sorts. Recognize your autonomy the way your guides, deities and ancestors do; challenge any biases and dogma that keep you from the joy of each pure moment; finally, take notice of all your inherent gifts, talents and wealth. We all have so much we can be grateful for, if only we take the time to do so.

Set the limits of your wanting. Decide for yourself when more is no longer better. Make unpopular, genuine and authentic choices. See your personal human potential as the brilliantly unique gift that it is, not merely as a means to justify your existence.

Blessings Abounding

Source Dragon (Dragon Oracle Cards Deck)

Jupiter, the bearer of luck and prosperity, will begin traversing the Galactic Center on Wednesday the 13th. It will be in exact conjunction with the Center on the 19th but we will start to feel the powerful pull of this celestial alignment right away and continue to experience reverberations all the way up through the Sagittarius New Moon on the 26th. This Source Dragon card speaks directly to the power of this potent potentiality.

What does that mean for this week? Sit back, relax and get ready. It’s been watching and now, the cosmos has something it wants to show you!

The Galactic Center is at the very heart of our galaxy and consists of a black hole, a cosmic womb. When the planetary benefactor aligns with the heart of this womb, anything is possible – and with the numerological, astrological and divinatory support of the previous two days leading up to this alignment (which only happens every 12 years), we can all be sure that the divine itself is planting the seeds for our ultimate blessings to manifest!

Divine message for the 13th – 25th: “the entire cosmos aspires to bless me!”

Heart Work

Isis and Osiris (Goddesses Knowledge Card Deck)

The next card drawn encourages us not to lose sight of ourselves and our hard fought autonomy amidst all the intoxicating justifications of ego’s discontentment. Just because the divine has got our backs doesn’t mean our life’s work is done, but that’s no reason to deny ourselves the joy of living either.

Isis is one of the oldest goddesses in the Egyptian pantheon and is known for bringing her assassinated husband back to life. She is a moon goddess who gives birth to the sun. She represents the value of the fulness of life, including the dark night and even grief itself.

I believe Isis appears hear as a gentle reminder of our reversed Sun card’s message: we must question our conditions, limitations and biases. Perhaps our curses are truly blessings, disguised by our very own prejudices and perspectives. Perhaps a painless, lossless, mundane life isn’t really what we desire and we actually need the difficulties and challenges of life as much as we desire the celebrations and fortune.

Our challenges create strength in us, our weaknesses provide opportunities for growth and our love, in truth, is our commitment to preserving through pain, grief and sadness. As the divine showers us with love and affection this week, we have the perfect opportunity to look within and ask ourselves: “in what ways have I been limiting my happiness for the sake of my ego?”

Divine reminder in this card for this entire week: “my brokenness blesses!”

The Summation

The Runes Thurisaz, Tir and Ing (from top down)

Lastly, I pulled three Runes and got a beautiful summery for the week’s reading: “we are divinely supported and adored, we can rest assured that our victory is already ours; we accept the blessings of our birthright and enjoying the abundance of life’s glories right now!”

We must simply go forth and be the miracles we already are! I hope that we all find all the sensual, meaningful and glorious satisfaction available to us this week. If/when we feel the resistence to just dive into divine bliss, let’s ask ourselves: what could be more important?

Thurisaz = protection and luck
Tir = success and victory
Ing = accomplishment and relief

I wanted to do a bit of an astrology/numerology forecast for November today, but I’ve been in training all day and need to be up at 4am for Sadhana tomorrow. So, what I have is very brief and mostly intuitive!

Starting with a BANG!

I’m certainly feeling it! This month wastes no time getting things started, it might even feel like the chaos of October just keeps going – but so much has indeed changed.

October was all about redefining who we are, what we mean to this world and how we show up. November is about putting that into action. Coming off this freshly infused identity crisis/confirmation will carry some momentum, which is what we are experiencing now.

November packs a punch in its own right too though. 11 resonates as the first of the “angel numbers” and teaches us about our relationship to the divine. So even though things might still be hectic, you may have also noticed a cosmic shift to a more sacred or serious tone.

A Steady, Sensual Slowing…

The bustle of the beginning of this month will begin to slow as we all gradually settle into a new, more present and purposeful pace. Mercury has already turned retrograde on the 31st and is contributing to this retraction of outward energy flow.

Mercury won’t turn direct until November 20th, so in the interim, don’t push yourself – especially with regard to communication. Now is the time for personal contemplation. Really, truly allow yourself to integrate the happenings of the last week, month, year… Get cozy in your own mind and heart, the depth of your inner journey can only make for much more interesting holiday conversations anyway – and by that time Mercury will be more supportive too!

The noticable peak of this slowdown will begin in conjunction with the Taurus Full Moon on the 12th. We will all feel called to start making our surroundings more cozy, warm and comfortable. We will also feel called to communicate with others in more satisfying and sensual ways.

More of a draw to visit with friends and family, a desire to plan for the holidays and general good cheer are all possible. For those who are resistant however, this may result in an acute awareness of the cold, loneliness and isolation, bitterness and irritability, as well as a desire to retreat amidst a sense of entrapment. Senses will be heightened regardless, be mindful of how you employ them.

The Full Moon will be an ideal day for some divination if you desire. It will carry a reflective energy of your 2019 harvest.

A Gentle ReQuickening

We get to enjoy a slow build back up from Mercury turning direct on the 20th to Neptune making his turn direct on the 27th. The watery giant has been causing us to dive deeper into possibilities than ever for the past 5 months while traveling retrograde and we will all notice it’s snap “back to reality.”

Despite Neptune lacking the fiery energy of Mars or the Sun, I intuit this turn will still feel charged. Remember, water conducts electricity – get ready to feel a jolt!

The depths to which you have traveled will give you every chance to reach even higher highs. The key will be a willingness to flow with the current and release anything that might hinder your newly impassioned dreams. Allow the spiritual and emotional lessons of these past five months to nourish your truth and launch you even further into authenticity.

A Day for Ceremony

Conveniently, the day before Neptune turns direct, we have a New Moon in Sagittarius on the 26th. There could not be a more opportune time for a purposeful alignment with your goals. Take the time for a simple New Moon ceremony that day in which you write out your reflections of the past 5 months:

  • What were the major spiritual and emotional themes?
  • In what ways did you find yourself going deeper and what did you discover in those explorations?
  • What have you learned about your authenticity, ego and self-expression?
  • How have these things changed or inspired your dreams?

Once you have written yourself to the point of passion and gratitude for all the possibilities and opportunities you’ve already created for yourself (and not a moment sooner), pen a formal letter to the heavens. Tell Neptune himself what you want the charge of his turning direct to launch you towards!

Once your letter is complete, meditate with it. Use the archetypal archer vibration of the Sagittarius New Moon to shoot your letter out into the astral universe, following it all the way from your own bow and arrow to the heart/hands of Neptune on his watery throne. If you prefer, you can meditate with the archetype of any benevolent, heart-centered diety: Christ, Buddha, Kuan Yin, etc… Once you are finished you can keep or responsibly dispose of your letter.

That’s it! Feel free to dress it up with your own prayers, and light a candle or incense beforehand if you like too. The best ceremony ingredient is always your own personal intuition.

Surrender to the Rhythm

As you can see, there’s a bit of ebb and flow to come this November. Don’t fight it. Finesse it.

Find the rhythm and your own particular harmony. The cold doesn’t have to be bitter, the slowing doesn’t have to be tense. Relax.

‘Tis the season my friends! Let’s reclaim some holiday cheer and spread it ’round, far and near! Blessed be!