I have two loving, aware, compassionate, snarky and personality-filled familiars:

“Really May? Right up in our faces today?!”
My Lucas (left) & Sammi (right)

They aren’t my pets, but they are my partners. They mostly prefer to be indoors and are genuinely appreciative of my hospitality, never shying away from requesting their favorite foods or a full body massage, but they also like to wander sometimes. I let them out to explore this mountain top because I want them to remain autonomous – the times they haven’t returned for a night or more I have been concerned, but they have indeed always come back.

They don’t belong to me, but they are mine in the same way I am theirs. We sincerly love and appreciate one other. Our souls nurturing and nourishing each other’s.

I found Lucas when he was just days old, at the bottom of a box of junk where his too-young mother couldn’t get to him. He would’ve died if I hadn’t “gotten a feeling” to look in that obscure place for something I didn’t *know* existed. He has been my ride-or-die kitteh baby ever since, helping through some of the most difficult and painful times of my life. He has been the medicine for my aching heart, pillow to catch my tears and most trusted confidant – I owe that cat the world. Such an amazing friend.

Sammi came to me in college from a sorted past with a bit of trauma already. His brother Salvatore was with him initially but died due to complications from his own past trauma just 6 months later. Despite his short life, he was loved dearly and is still very missed.

Sammi doesn’t let his own past or grief hold him back at all and inspires me with his silly, kind and curious nature. He is the first to greet anyone through the door, very vocal, affectionate and has softened some of the most bitter blows in my adult life with loud purrs during under the covers cuddles. He is a true treasure and encouragement in my life every day.

I consider anyone who gets to meet my cats very lucky, and if on the rare case they don’t like someone, I always take note. They are more than just animals, they are my teachers and companions. I am blessed to have been chosen to take this soul journey with such compassionate and generous beings.

Sammi and Lucas 6 years ago – they’ve always been my little shnuggle butts

I’ve been enjoying a local’s tour of Wisconsin these past few days and did a bit more sight seeing today. Got to see Cave of the Mounds.

Love this!

It’s a closed cave system that was discovered when the property owners were blasting to mine limestone. It contains no habitats or creatures, only ever-evolving geological formations:

Stalagmites “might reach the ceiling someday”
Stalactites “hold tight to the ceiling”
Columns are formed when both types of cave formations combine into one pillar that reaches from floor to ceiling
We’re cute…
Caves are so cool…
A sink hole as seen from underground (they’ve dug into it to check for more cave beyond it)
Fossils, each over 3 feet long
Some of Nature’s endless artwork…
So much happening in this picture
Calcite, manganese and iron causing coloration in the rock formation
Stalagtites are solid all the way through and have rings like trees
“Soda straws” are the start of stalagmite formations – so named for their hollow center
“Cave Brocolli” just above a sunk-pump maintained waterline
Same year I was born lol (pretty good year)!

I am still waiting on the professional pictures from the showcase as well as some from my friends out in the audience, but here’s a little taste:

Some of my beautiful and diverse entourage; so blessed to have such, talented and supportive friends and family!
Two of my favorite ghouls: my close friend and showcase accessories designer Desaray of TruCreations; my sister and photographer Promise Fulfilled
Amazing shot of me on stage that my production assistant and life-long friend Kira captured
Last minute touch-ups with my Master Stylist and sister Hannah Elle of UpDo or Dye Salon
Another incredible shot from my squad, this one by Journey with Promise

It was a wonderful night and I am so grateful to everyone who helped me pull it off! More about the night, including pictures and video to come!

It seems as though more time has passed, and yet – like it was only yesterday. I had never been to Europe before and everything about it delighted my heart.

My day started with me winding through the back alleys of Dublin,

It was a miracle that I got to go, and even more suprising that I got to stay. In just shy of 40 days, Britain, Ireland, France, Greece, the Netherlands and Macedonia were all experienced as fully as I could manage.

The River Liffey as the sun rose over Dublin, Oct. 7th 2018

I filled my free days with tours of ancient holy sites, as well as local food and culture tours, hungry for tastes and history alike.

Views from The Hill of Tara
Modern reconstruction of the ancient stone pillar at the top of The Hill of Tara
Stones placed by ancient Pagans on The Hill of Tara
Ancient Tumulus on The Hill of Tara
Selfie at the runes of an old monastery in Ireland
Monastery runes in Eastern Ireland
Detailed monastic stonework
My red boots on top of monastic stones
New-old framed by old-old
The lush Irish countryside
Runes of an old sheep herder’s gate
Old stone bridge in Eastern Ireland

On this particular day, I was in Ireland visiting the Uisneach and other Pagan sites on a tour of “Ireland’s Ancient East.”

Stairs to the trail (gate at the bottom is to keep sheep in/out)
360 degree views of Ireland at the top of Uisneach

This holy site is at the center-most part of the Island and on the Pagan holiday of Beltane in May, they light a huge bonfire at the center of the hill – which, weather permitting, can then be seen from the entire Emerald Isle.

More views from “the heart of the Emerald Isle”
Bundled up beneath a fairy tree
Seated on the fabled “Witch’s seat”

And all that (and so much more) was just in one day in Ireland. The rest of the trip was no less full of magick either!

Don’t worry, I won’t leave you hanging! Though I can’t ever truly share my amazing European vacation with you all, soon I’ll be writing up my “Top Ten Tips for a Magickal European Holiday” as a blog post so that you can start planning your own incredible journey too!