There is much pain in the world. Now, just as it has ever been. Perhaps it feels more personal and real to us because it is happening to “us” rather than those “others” of the past or different reason – but injustice, disease and chaos are all older than current generations. What has changed is our global awareness, connectivity and therefore responsibility and effect.

We have many options and possibilities from these places of volatility. None are wrong, but all will have consequences.

I challenge you all to show up authentically to your own experience and conviction. For many of us, that will mean increased vulnerability in these already treacherous times. It will mean even more chaos, even more volatility and even more change. Be brave anyway – we are all, truly, forces of Nature herself.

When the dust settles, we will see for ourselves what we have allowed humanity to become. This is why authenticity will be essential. We must be prepared to be willing to live with our choices as well as die for them.


A mother is keening
her dead children decay
Innumerable slayings
all in juctice, proclaimed

Survivors grow hungry
their souls wither away
In desperation lashing
projecting out their pain

Fires burn privileged cities
less fortunate locked down
Global censorship revealed
people talking among selves

Nature’s justice prowling
hunting the sickly depraved
Those lost forever reborn
energy cycling to all ends

Silently weeping evermore
she has unleased her storms
Now what is, is what may be
for Nature forever reclaims

Image: Facebook

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