Not for strength of will
but in innocent dispair
we took notice of you
saved you from yourself

Your sacrifice would be
but not merely your life
Innumerable children born
from your barren womb

You will cry for them all
unable to deny any love
your punishment will be
you will have everything

You will have to learn much
you will have to unlearn too
you will weep a million tears
before you weep a billion more

You will feel abandoned
you will learn to tell lies
you will become the enemy
before you reclaim your life

But oh darling when you do –

Our Cosmic Mirror Diamond
shining as bright as the moon
your reflections and refractions
creating chaos in the world

You have been tested and trialed
you have been maimed and abused
you tried to give up, but we saw light in you –

An expansive Mirror Diamond
enchanted with the love you bare
not for perfection or attention
but through genuine sacrificial dare

Facing every last fear to clear –

You will challenge the people
those who love you will hate
those who hate you will love
pressure your inescapable fate

The path of your calling falls
there is no easy way to find
your will never to make it
but to surrender your trying

There are ways to discover
there are stories to be told
people still needing freedom
endless wonders to behold

World small and big at once
made so by your potent eclipse
blindingly true beauty startling
your radiance silently indecent

We will send you on a journey
to heal yourself, the homeland
to purify the Divine blessed vessel
through infinite prismatic fractures

Let mayryanna know your thoughts...

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