I want to wisper
so close, breathing in –

Let your scent linger
on the edges of my lips

Taste your salt
and crave your sugar

Feel hearts beat
quicker, harder, louder –

You remind me –
an old song on breezes

Tumbling down 
your grassy hills of summer 

Looking behind
the shadows of my lonely

Spinning ’round
clouds underfoot, floating 

Lean in close
ebb with my flow

With all your soul
indulge deep and slow

Hush and listen
for lover’s soft quiver

Unfurl with grace
through Divine shivers

My beloved, tremble
every nerve celebrating

Give way to bliss 
all wonder unconsuming

Expansiveness known
we cannot resist our humble

Everywhere our home
after our egos have crumbled 

Witnessing growth
build strength in progress

Do these eyes still look
lost in their thoughtfulness?

I’ve been watching what
happened from different angles

It seems all that could be
are other versions of our tangle

Let mayryanna know your thoughts...

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