Join me online tonight at 5:30pm MST for some Kundalini yoga!

I am presenting a class all about Pranayam or yogic breathwork.

I donate my time each week to you and my local studio (Taspens) in hopes of being of service and offering some encouragement in these difficult times. Please let me know if you would like to attend these weekly classes but are financially unable.

We will be learning a number of breathing techniques that make up a foundational basis for most Kundalini yoga practices, enjoying an entire Kriya that focuses on the capabilities of our breath as well as a Meditation that helps us to realign with our breath as our connection to the life force or Prana.

Please sign up through Taspens Healing Center and register for Monday night Kundalini with Shakti. Please also contact me directly if you find that making a payment or donation for class is not an option for you right now.

Click to Register

Sat Nam and Blessed Be my Beloveds!

Let mayryanna know your thoughts...

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