It has been continuing to storm here, through the weekend and well into the day yesterday too. We’ve seen at least 4 feet over the course of 3 or 4 systems in the last 5 days and despite ruining my plans for a pedicure yesterday and causing me to sing protection mantras all weekend to and from Kundalini YTT, it is enchantingly beautiful…

Here’s a glimpse into my winter wonderland yesterday:

Our backyard mountain view cloaked in white
Animal tracks quickly covered by fast falling snow and my deep boot prints trudging through
Giant Icicles hanging from the roof
Rocks, bushes and trees all dissolving into snowy masses
The deepest parts extending well over the top of my boots, even with 6-8 inches of compressed snow still beneath me
Enchanting – the quiet, the stillness, and other qualities of erasure render the landscape a muted greyscale canvas that begs imagination
No animals to be seen but evidence remains of their efforts to find shelter in the lighter snow fall beneath the large pine trees
I too am chilled to the bone quickly, despite my bundling – very grateful to return to my comfortable shelter, hearth and home

Stay warm everyone! Hoping that winter is getting it all out of its system and spring will come soon, but regardless – stay enchanted. Sat Nam and blessed be my dears!

3 thoughts on “More Snow in the Colorado Rockies

  1. Wow May!!! That’s a lot! It sure is Beautiful! Grateful for the pics and love the expression: “cloaked in white”! Love You!!

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