My eye caught sight of the bright orange outlier amongst the other dull, blue and grey stones immediately. “Woah – could it be?!” I dared not hope, yet in my core I already knew, “Oh my, I FOUND MY HAG STONE!”

Turning to my friends with expressions and sounds of giddy, glee-filled wonderment, I exclaimed again aloud, “I can’t believe it, I found my Hag Stone!” I could tell by their half-hearted smiles that they were happy for me, but didn’t really know why. So I tried to explain the importance of this little orange rock.

I had read, years ago while studying Shamanism for the first time, that finding a Hag Stone was an official invitation to begin your journey to join the Shamanic path. I had thought then, briefly in my naivety, that I would set out to buy one. Ultimately, I decided to wait for my stone to find me at the perfect time – and I’m so glad that I did!

The timing of this discovery couldn’t have been more synchronous if I had designed it myself. I was peaceful and gratefully enjoying the natural wonder of the ocean on the “Rich Coast,” with no agenda or schedule to mind, fresh off a powerful and life-infusing Apotheosis retreat where I obliterated my limitations through welcoming the true expansiveness of the goddess Pachamama into my awareness… And there it was, waiting for me, jumping out at my eyes.

From: Granny Moon

Of course, I am filled with anticipation and wonder at the thought of “what’s next?” Yet, there is also a strange comfort and knowing that I simply need to keep on my present path. I’ve surrendered to Divine timing and intervention again and again, setting aside my own thoughts about the whens and hows of my development – and this seems no less of an opportunity to offer myself in faith to the fates once more.

I will keep studying my crafts; further ingraining my life with my Reiki, yoga and divination practices; taking courses on astrology, philosophy and herbalism; continuing to write, capture and digest the beautiful tragedies and ugly comedies of my life… I will keep being Mayryanna.

All this time, I’ve been waiting for my hag stone, yet – this amazing little sign of my soul’s openness has always been mine. There was never a doubt in my mind that it was out there – that’s why I didn’t wait to start my Shamanic Journey – that’s why now, with my Odin Stone in hand, I feel no more or less powerful than I did vomiting and sweating on that mattress in the jungle last week.

From: Magical Recipes Online

Thank you Pachamama, for all of it. For the being lost, and for the finding myself. For the wondering and the wonderful. For the price of grief that pays for love. For the depths of my sorrows that inform the heights of my joys… Blessed be goddess! I am ready to even more fully embrace my calling.

My bright and beautiful Hag Stone

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