We have recieved a bit of a dumping here in the Colorado mountains overnight. My estimate is at least 9-12 inches of fresh snow which is enough to keep us home.

When we get storms like this, we hunker in. Mountain folk are always prepared for a few days of being snowed-in and I’ve had some practice growing up in this part of the world. Makes me feel a bit of a kinship for the Scandinavian cultures and their concept of hygge.

I actually appreciate snow days more now as an adult than I did when I was a kid. I was homeschooled so it didn’t quite mean getting out of our responsibilities for the day back then, but honestly that’s helped to make me an expert at adult snow days (since an adult’s work is never done).

Here are my top 10 recommendations for a totally comfortable and cozy Adult Snow Day:

#1 – Sleep In

Seriously, you have my permission, and obviously the universe’s too. You’ve got no where to go and the chores will wait for you I promise! Turn off your alarms (yes, all of them), shut your black out drapes tight and HIBERNATE… at least until your body feels rested and you actually want to get out of bed (I know, WHAT?!)

It’s sad just how luxurious this little act of rebellion can feel, but you deserve every bit of it. So go ahead, pull up your covers, roll over and just let go of everything for a little while longer…

#2 – Dress the Part

My dragon onesie helps me achieve snow day comfort with ease and style

Eventually you’ll want to get up, but you still don’t have to go anywhere – so make your snow day wardrobe choices count! Sure, you could just stay in your jammies all day, but a snow day is a perfect excuse to break out the extra cozy loungable items that rarely get used otherwise. I’m talking fuzzy pants, old t-shirts so tattered they’re more holes than shirt and you better believe it, adult onesies my friends!

(Personally I wear my onesies out in public, snow or shine, all the time and find it highly enjoyable. Feel free to explore these extended methods of “not giving a fuck what people expect of you” for an even more exhilarating experience yourself sometime)

#3 – Start a Fire

Now that your out of bed and in your coziest attire, it’s time to cozy up your environment too. Start a fire to stimulate warmth, not only physically but metaphysically. In ancient times the hearth, or fireplace/stove, was considered the heart of the home. By starting a fire we are symbolically warming our hearts as well as our houses.

Pagans also used fires in a meditative magickal practice called scrying. This is a form of Divination that uses the hypnotic movement of the flames to help one access deeper, perhaps resisted subconscious thoughts and superconscious messages. Take this cozy chance to stare off onto the flames for a while yourself and see what comes up for you. If you don’t have a fireplace, tune into a yule log or fireplace video on YouTube and give that a try instead.

#4 – Get a Hot Beverage

I like the option to swim in my coffee personally…

Coffee, tea or heck, even hot cocoa! It’s a snow day so go crazy! Get out your biggest cup, throw in the marshmallows, Bailey’s or schnapps – go nuts! This is even more fun with family or friends.

#5 – Get Baking!

There’s nothing like a fresh, hot baked good to elevate the hygge in your life. The oven will warm your home, the smell will stimulate your senses and best of all, you get to eat whatever you make!

Opt for a recipe with warming winter spices like cinnamon, glove and ginger in it. If you’re not into baking, you can still diffuse one of these essential oils or burn a candle for a similar spirit-lifting effect on your environment.

The pumpkin-pecan loaf I made for me and grandma is going fast #nomnomnom

#6 – Take Your Time

You’ve been moving slow from your bed to the kitchen, but now you have your cup of sugary joe and your baked goods in the oven all your conditioning is about to kick in – RESIST THE URGE TO BE PRODUCTIVE! At least for now. You still have all day to accomplish something, let that time come slowly.

If you absolutely must do something, get out your to do list and start planning – but not like usual… Find your hardest task first, and then immediately remove it. It’s a snow day bitch! You aren’t eating any frogs today! Now, continue to remove things until your to do list is at least half as long as it was and filled with such ridiculously easy tasks it feels silly to even think about.

Resume the day’s imperative directive: hot beverage consumption in comfy clothes. Stay strong! You can do this.

#7 – Drink More Hot Beverages

I mean it! Essentially, repeat #4 – and keep repeating it throughout the day. A snow day is a hot beverage day! Switch out your coffee for hot cocoa or herbal tea in the afternoon to be sure and protect the quality of your sleep though.

#8 – Check Out the Beauty

Our backyard this morning

Sure, there are intricate ice crystals and pristine blanketed landscapes to drink in should you choose to bundle up and wander out, but it’s not even necessary that you leave your warm house to marvel at the way snow changes our world. All that’s required is a little attention.

Gaze out the window, breathing in the fresh, crisp white snow through your eyes. Let yourself zone out for a while. Observe the visible quietness of your winter wonderland, appreciate the subdued nature of your environment, notice the stillness – and then find it within yourself…

Our front yard this morning

#9 – Relax and Reflect

Get out your journal, a good book or your art supplies… whatever those items/hobbies are that “you never have time for – ” well, NOW IS THE TIME. Curl up on the sofa and dive into that book you’ve avoided picking up for fear of not being able to set it down. Dust off your easel and finally finish that peice or break out an entirely new canvas! Compose a poem in your journal about your fire scrying or the winter landscape you’ve been enjoying…

Heck, you can even binge that Netflix show you’ve been eyeing if you want. I’d say that there are “better ways to spend this time,” but what do I know about your life?! This is YOUR TIME, so do exactly as you would like for once!

#10 – Share your Hygge

Make a nice hot beverage for your family, give them some of your delicious baked treats, cuddle your fur babies or call up some friends. Far or near, quite and mindful times like this have a way of reminding us of those who make us feel warm and cozy on the inside. Reach out to them and let them know!

A simple “hey, I’m thinking of you” can lift their spirits and give them a bit of that warm hygge you’ve been cultivating for yourself today. Ultimately, that’s the most we can ever hope for – to be able to share our blessings with those we love. So make your snow day really count and extend your warmth outward.

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