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New Features on the Website!

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mayryanna is so grateful to all of her fans and clients for their patience and grace over time, especially throughout this past year. We have all had opportunity after opportunity to overcome so many challenges and heartbreaks lately. It is truly a wonder to witness the transformation and growth of humanity during these tumultuous and trying times.

mayryanna has been through the upheaval along with us, but has been so encouraged and inspired by the resilience and compassion of her global tribe, she’s been working to find ways to come back better than ever – offering more of herself online, in hopes of blessing everyone in return for their gallant efforts! She hopes you enjoy the new (and returning!) features of Optimal Mastery, and would like to invite you to contribute your own ideas for how OM can show up even more as a blessing in the online and physical realities of our world.

The Blog is BACK ♡

mayryanna Shakti is pleased to announce that she is officially bringing back the Blog!


Posts will no longer be uploaded daily, but the higher quality content will be more specifically tailored inspire, challenge and encourage fans and clients of Optimal Mastery.

It is mayryanna’s sincerest hope that her shares will uplift and bless beyond the limitations and biases of her own stories and experiences. All current and future posts will consequently be written as Articles!

The Optimal Mastery Blog will no longer be limited to the thoughts, opinions and writings of mayryanna! She is excited to announce that applications for contributing content creators are now open and will be ongoing, indefinitely. If you are interested in contributing thought provoking and progress stimulating content, she hopes you APPLY TODAY!

Brady H. ~ Holistic Coach

“… mayryanna is definitely tapped into something profound, something beautiful, through this practice of hers…”

Learn More About Divination

NEW: Testimonials!

mayryanna Shakti is pleased to start dedicating space on her website for Testimonials!

Introducing: Facilitation

mayryanna Shakti is honored to add a new level of service for her clients: Retreat and Event Facilitation!

Introducing: Coaching

mayryanna Shakti has enjoyed working with clients from around the globe in session-based formats for years. Offering Divination, Reiki, Magick and Kundalini Yoga in this al la carte fashion has allowed her to gain valuable insights and experience for her career as a multidisciplinary metaphysical practitioner.

The time has come however, for mayryanna to provide a new level of customized service for her clients as an Integrative Coach!

This new, more finely tuned and progressive model of service will enable the ongoing cultivation of metaphysical skills and the overall spiritual life-styling mayryanna is passionate about helping to create in her clients’ lives. It is now her honor to invest in her clients long-term through co-created, dynamic personal development plans!

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