The pressure is building all around. There’s no space here anymore, we must break out. Conditions in the environment surrounding what we thought was our safe comfortable shell have compromised everything we know about life and consequently we are changing from the inside out.

So uncomfortable, so bold and brave – can we survive on the other side after everything we have come to depend on dissolves – or is our doom already sealed? How can we be ready for what lies beyond our experience? How can we forge ahead in a time of so much uncertainty?

Energy Revival Germination

Eight of Wands – Shadowscapes Tarot Deck

The energy of this Taurean New Moon is that of growth, or more specifically, germination. Though it is in this sensual earth sign, it’s placement in the skies is “in the Ram’s horns” of the Aries constellation as well. This brings in creative and abundant energies akin to that of natural and organic growth.

It’s important to remember that nature is a master of balance and it is within this moderate flux that its power of manifestation resides. Humanity has taken to extremes, seeking pleasure as tirelessly as we try to avoid pain. This is unnatural and has created many disadvantages that we are only beginning to understand.

We must learn to embrace the discomfort of our growth and the changes that it brings. If the seed refuses to germinate, it dies. We must be willing to take the risk of becoming a seedling before we can put down roots.

The time to break out of our shells and grow up through the dirt towards the warmth of sun is NOW.

We may still feel restricted, we may still have doubts and fears, we may resist the “getting dirty” required to push beyond our current limits and feeling these things is okay. We cannot however avoid the cycles of life. Accept your fate and the work that lies ahead, endeavoring to make your destiny meaningful.

Beware the Distractions of Defenses

Seven of Swords – Shadowscapes Tarot Deck

Our April New Moon is squaring Saturn and creating opportunities for vindictive reactions. If we resist the coming changes, if we give in to our desire to project our discomfort instead of integrate its lessons, we run the risk of letting our potential pass us by.

Saturn can assist us at this time however, if we are willing to do the work and take our potential seriously. There are no shortcuts. There are no favorites. The only way to get Saturn’s approval and benevolent administrative blessings is to commit to your development fully.

This means no more casting stones and making excuses. No more seeking answers outside of yourself (no cheating). Only the diligent and genuine desire to apply oneself to one’s highest calling will get you a passing grade in this teacher’s class.

You don’t have to be a perfect student, but you do have to show up ready to learn.

If your values are entangled with greed, entitlement and justifications you will find yourself being rudely awakened to the truth of your attachments. Be willing to relinquish all that isn’t authentically yours.

Embracing the Energy of Divine Nurturance

III The Empress – Shadowscapes Tarot Deck

From where does our sustenance come? To whom do we pay for the privilege of breath in our lungs? Who keeps the tally of our heart beats to ensure we are compensating appropriately for the gift of living? How do we add gratuity for the clouds, sun and moon? Where are the toll booths for the mountains, oceans, rivers, trees and stars? How much do we owe for the pleasure of wildflowers, or cool breezes, or the endless cycles and seasons of life?

Conjunct Uranus, the abundance energy available during this New Moon is unlimited – though it may require a complete departure from how we have come to understand prosperity. We must return to the truth, return to the embrace of our benevolent mother earth, and recognize fully where all material value and potential actually reside.

We are recipients of incredible gifts, but we have grown entitled and demanding. We have forgotten our manners and let our greed and fear lead us to dismantling our respect – both for our planetary home as well as ourselves.

True abundance can only be attained through natural, sustainable and synergistic methods.

Unsurprisingly, this New Moon comes to the Western Hemisphere on Earth Day. A unique blessing for our beautiful Gaia, and perhaps for us as well if we should align with her wellbeing ourselves. What we choose to value can limit as well as enable us.

Focusing on the Abundance Within

Seven of Pentacles (reversed) – Shadowscapes Tarot Deck

There are many options, endless options – within the womb-energy space of all possibilities, anything we plant will grow. So what are we choosing to plant?

Some fruits will be ripe for the picking, and yet remain on the vine. Others may be picked too soon, robbed of the pleasure they may have provided with sufficient time to sweeten. So too do the dreams of the soul require our attentive attentions.

Without taking the moment to pause and consider – if we do not tend to our spiritual fruits – we are certainly sowing more briers than sustenance. The Seven of Pentacles reversed is inviting us to be considerate, to take inventory of our gifts and continue to persue the growth that is most viable at this time: personal growth from within.

Now more than ever we are being invited to examine our investments – is where your energy is most demanded really what you want to help grow?

Our spiritual gardens can be lush and diverse, there may even be a place among the fruit and flowers for briers to help protect them, but without our skillful intentions making it so all will be lost to the chaos of weeds. Life is meaningless until we make it meaningful – be sure to choose resonances that nourish and support.

Declaring and Integrating Self-Sovereignty

King of Pentacles (reversed) – Shadowscapes Tarot Deck

There is great potential arising with this New Moon, but it will be carried to fruition by the Sun conjunct Uranus in Taurus throughout the weekend following. Revolutionizing authority, this cosmic power move will be shaking things up from the inside out.

Current events have had everyone questioning and many are seeking answers that the officials cannot provide. Humanity is losing faith in the external structures of control it has depended on for so long. So what is to be of authority in this time of distrust and uncertainty?

We see yet again an invitation to go within as the King of Pentacles reversed echos the sovereignty of self-governance and personal responsibility. We know now that if there is to be differences made we cannot wait for external authorities to call the shots for us.

Remain vigilantly truthful in order to maintain awareness of the potential for corruption, both outside and inside yourself.

You are your master. If you give away your leash to another, you must accept the consequences of their secondary awareness of you and your needs. No one can ever take care of you the way you can. No one can show up in the world in the way you are destined to. Stop making excuses and become the person whom you can most respect.

Through Pain We are Healed

Three of Swords (reversed) – Shadowscapes Tarot Deck

Seeking comfort we have saught to avoid those spaces of tight pressure and irritation. Pursuing perfection we have saught to deny our very realities. The delusions of this chosen blindness have made us sick with unfulfilling vanity – it is the very things we seek to avoid that can rebalance our lives.

We must learn to accept our pain, and then take even further steps to honor, integrate and appreciate it. Just as the seed appears to be destroyed during germination, we to have to die and be reborn to realize our destinies. Growth, strength, confidence, endurance, passion, conviction, motivation and so much of what we crave in this instant gratification addicted social era is attained through the very actions of voluntary discomfort that we have found so undesirable.

Without wounding, there is no healing. Without change there is no growth. We cannot avoid experiencing pain in life, but we can choose our pains.

Dare to choose the brave and bold path that costs you your fear and doubt but provides you with the opportunity to truly know yourself.

Without challenges we remain weak and ignorant. Without overcoming we never truly know our strengths. Choose to see your pain as gifts and your life will never be the same.

Accepting Our Divine Union

II The High Priestess – Shadowscapes Tarot Deck

“You can intricately, artistically and painstakingly design all the details of the distance between you and your enlightenment for as long as you desire – but it will still always be your enlightenment.”

~ Divine Channel, Spring 2019

Playing small, giving away responsibility, projecting insecurities as blame – it’s all very seductive. It makes us feel entitled to sympathy and special treatment. We are the victims after all, our power was taken from us and we are helpless to protest or protect ourselves – we are blameless and it’s everything else’s fault that we are unhappy, unfulfilled and unsatisfied… Right?

Wrong. We are responsible. Without a victim, there can be no abuse.

Sure, defending ourselves instead of rolling over in self-pity might get us hurt or worse, even killed – but what’s the alternative? Is it better to live as a slave to fear and abuse or to die a fighter who lived authentically free until the very end? We are all being asked this question now.

Will we accept our power and responsibility or will we continue to let everything be everyone else’s problem? Are we willing to do the work of building the life we want or are we lazily claiming injustice because no one is making it easier for us to just have it?

We can align with truth and become empowered, or we can denounce our birthright and play the extra in our own lives.

The High Priestess denounces the world of illusions to be the consort of Divinity itself. She is the archetypal energy of sacred union as well as the potency and magick found in the willingness to forsake the temptations of the ego and devote oneself entirely to the Truth. This level of devotion and Divine intimacy is available to everyone – but you must make the choice for yourself to experience its endless expansiveness.

Becoming Benefactors of Bliss

King of Cups – Shadowscapes Tarot Deck

Should we choose to undertake the great work of authentic devotion, claiming our birthright and accepting responsibility for our world, what might we expect to see as a result? Not only will we have reclaimed our own sovereignty, we will also have more opportunities to bless, inspire and influence others.

Your journey will never be about you alone and in this way, everything you do to elevate yourself will lift those around you as well. Choosing to leave the densities of blame, victimhood and justifications behind, we show up more radiantly for everyone in our lives.

We can all choose to be the difference. We can all take steps towards a more compassionate, sustainable and balanced existence. We can make the hard choices, the courageous choices and even the painful choices because our tranquility is no longer dependent upon our circumstances – we are the master of our being.

It is self mastery that gives unlimited strength, resourcefulness and passion – not the other way around.

Dare to listen to the dreams of your soul. Diligently tend to the growth of your destiny, even if that requires rooting out entitlement, apathy and self pity. Only you design the limits of your actualizing.

New Moon April 2020 Tarot Spread

Be blessed this dark night my beloveds, may you all find within you the reflections and refractions of your own unique Divine light.

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