It’s been two weeks. Here I was thinking I was some kind of fancy daily blogger and then WHAM! Life.

I wrote my last post during Kundalini Yoga teacher training. That same weekend I experienced a spontaneous, intuited ceremony. At least that’s all I know to call it.

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Since committing myself as an Oracle and High Priestess of the Divine in January, I have had these *experiences* of being overtaken by a type of meditative trance in which I am then led through a cosmic, interdimensional ceremony. Both in Feburary and March, these occurred the same weekend as my Kundalini trainings (no coincidences am sure, doing Kundalini for 20-30+ hours will definitely prime you for energy work).

This last one was something I’ll be processing for the rest of my life…

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Waiting for the Right Time

I am not ready to talk about this most recent experience publicly. I don’t know if I will ever be… Heck, for the last 2 weeks I haven’t even known what to write at all, let alone how to explain the all-encompassing transformation that is systematically begun within and all around me.

Oh yea, and then there’s all this Coronavirus pandemic stuff amping up – no big deal. Or is it?

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I’m social distancing, self isolating and sanitizing like a mad woman. I am a high risk individual’s caregiver after all… So, though I’ve even missed blogging, it simply hasn’t been the time to worry about meeting a standard that I self-impose.

It’s good to take a break once and a while, even from the best things in life – it helps us appreciate them more.

Learning from what has Gone

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What the past two weeks have provided me with is time for reflection and consideration. I’ve had the opportunity to ask myself “what am I doing here and why?” In a lot of respects, but Optimal Mastery has been one of them.

The answer is, I’ve been playing coy at a very serious game – and it’s time to implement some strategy. I don’t want to have a daily blog that by luck’s happenstance might help someone here or there with a relatable story… I want a website that is streamlined to help people become their own greatest asset, best friend and valuable investment.

If I am going to make the kind of difference I feel called to in this world, it’s only going to be on purpose.

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To Create the Future More Intentionally

I will continue to be authentic and show up imperfectly real, but I will also build on that to provide more actionable content and services for all of you. So, without further ado – what you have all been unknowingly waiting for: OptimalMastery.Life version 2.0!

I will be bringing back periodical Divination posts, starting with the New Moon tomorrow:

I will begin offering weekly Kundalini Yoga classes online through Zoom and other handles (with gratitude to Taspens Healing Center for the opportunity), on Monday evening’s at 5:30pm MST (please click here to register in advance for this class):

Promo for my first online class

I am also going to be launching a complementary Podcast in the upcoming weeks called Humblebee where I will offer guided meditations, read my poetry and certainly engage in some philosophical rants as well:

Coming Soon to all Podcast streaming services!

Leaving Room for Miracles and Mystery

Aside from all that, I have other creative projects and collaborations still in the works in the background that are overdue some quality attention. I am downsizing my books, journals, self-pampering-collection-of-powders-and-potions, etc… Seriously in need of long baths and even longer bing-reading-athons.

So, I don’t know that this is a daily blog anymore… And maybe that’s going to be better than perfect.

Sat nam and blessed be my beloveds – until we meet again… Even though, in this case, that is tomorrow lol 😂🙏🥰


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