N’o’r the span
of one life
malice ingrows
Becoming justification
What of these
tattered segregations
within and without?
It’s all been crime
Every one up and
each put down
cycling back
holding us hostage
We’ve been learning
hatred for ages
Killing love’s offspring
for fear of life
How can we heal
if we’re mutilated?
How can we see
after tearing out our own eyes?
Giving away power
we don’t understand
to avoid the responsibility
that comes with it
Taught to fear, fear
itself only illusion
Attaching to expectations
no one actually has
Deep, uncomfortably so
like a parasite in brain
we’ve been hijacked
Believing in righteous hate
We keep trying to let go
but we’re not what’s holding
Like cobwebs, conditioning
groomed into our thinking
We were such good students
got 100% in self-loathing
It’s hard to unlearn it all
to undo the damage of that programming
We’re ready to fly though
Ready to dissolve
We’re ready again
Ready for more
And isn’t that just the point
continuance, playing parts
So let’s make it a grand one
This fragment has some BANG after all
Parts ancient believe
that tired and waring persist
Yet the deeper life in us knows
nothing endures but divine bliss
Perhaps at times
lots are too much to bear
But there will be others
who can overcome more share
We’ve been slaves
We’ve been priests
We’ve been warriors
now, we are Nothing
In this state of void
a place of impermanence
Chance of chances
innocence is invited to rebloom
It is not in dying
that fears are realised
it is in living, and living again
but we must face our demons
Every day, fear be damned
heading straight into the resistance
Walking into the eye of the storm
inviting destiny to witness
Becoming the love
enveloping all without restrictions
Honoring nature’s essential violence
appreciating life’s generosity
Accepting that we are enough
of nothing, to be everything
Anything is possible
All is well

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