I can’t decide 
what’s inside of me
to get it out
the way I’ve been taught to bleed

I can’t seem to find
the right words in my mind
to represent the feelings
so effortlessly organic within by being

It’s expressionless 
yet I’m compelled to try expressing
all life’s boundlessness 
daring me to come searching for meaning

I can’t contain
all the pieces of myself
I’ve been taught
to maim or otherwise hide from

Can You please
reflect back the beauties
I’m curious of –
showing me I’m not crazy after all

Every time You
show me the ugliness instead
I fear I can’t take
the dualities any longer

I’m only trying –
but I’m committed to trying
even if it takes
all of Our infinite lifetimes 

We are better
when We work together –
there is nothing
You and I are not creating 

Perhaps if We
stop trying so desperately 
and just embrace
our peices all magickally fit –

Certainly, I love
each and every moment
You have enabled
my being to fully experience

Without You I
have no context or texture 
without Us We
fall apart at the invisible seams

So I surrender
fully to the flux of Divinity
needing no god
fearing no devil – loving You eternally 

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