Our Reality

A breeze tickling the peach fuzz on the back of my neck
Yet, it cannot be
Indoors, the windows all shut up. No fan on and no one’s breath but my own to move upon my body
Still, I feel it
A ghost of lover past? A memory contained within the fabric of my cells?
Somehow, a reality
Nerves flare, skin becomes more aware and I swear that someone is watching me
Could it be?
Blinds are closed and besides, the roads are far and long to get to here
But when I close my eyes –
I smell him: hot caramel sand, sticky fresh fruit and an island breeze floating up off of an ocean current
I don’t even know this man
I feel him: firm hands and strong arms framing my figure as I drape myself across his tall silhouette
Are we dancing?
If only I could see beyond these walls and trees to where he surely waits for me
No other explanation –
His soul is permeating the distance, distorting moments, bending our current realities –
How else?
I’m neither here, nor there
Yet, we’re getting closer
I could disappear into the sensation, allow the fantasy to overcome me
Dissolve into the fantastic of our reality

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