Another throwback poem transporting me back in time again – not too far and yet, this still feels like it’s from an entirely different life…

Saw your face unexpectedly
What a wicked Web to show me

You look older
Too old

I suprised myself with a physical reaction
Even more with my lack of mental connection

I’m getting there

Strange that you still make me sick like this
Until I think about the way you’d kiss

Body tense

I can’t say that I miss always feeling distance
Still, I can’t help but notice your absence

Anxieties lifted

I’m not that much younger, but I look it
You don’t seem so cold, but I lived it

Wearing our pain

You’ve chosen to live a shallow life, your bitterness gleaming at the edge of your eyes and wrinkles carving your anxieties into the surface of your skin
My pain has been digested, sucked deep down within the darkest and dampest parts of my soul – I may seem niave and ignorant, but I’m no longer trying to prove what I’ve had to know

You’ve already forgotten me
The real me

Sometimes I think I have as well
Until I remember what you did to me

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Some people are only weak until they have a reason to become stronger
You underestimated me
I believed too much in you


Seeing all the age you’ve taken on in the short time we’ve been apart
Makes me think something deep within your heart’s still screaming for me to help you

It would seem that by hurting me, you’ve only succeeded in killing parts of yourself

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