I’ve been busy this week, readying myself for a impromptu trip to Chicago early tomorrow. As of 2 weeks ago I had no plans to visit Chicago, but if I’ve learned anything in the past 10 days, it’s that anything can happen when you’re open to the possibility.

A friend and mentor of mine has called for a convergence of mystics and creatives, Chicago being the first opportunity for us to gather together. I’m so excited to see him and other members of my global tribe, as well as to meet more people who are on the journey of purposeful living.

There is sure to be stimulating conversations, beautiful music and art, and lots of cosmic hugs. What else this adventure will become is still a mystery though.

My “rational” mind gave me every reason not to go on this trip when I was invited a week and a half ago. “It’s too soon! I’d have to much to figure out, I’d have to arrange for my responsibilities to be taken care of… I don’t have money for a random trip!” Incessant, fear based, but all true.

Still, my intuition was so loud and clear it was easy to ignore my own naysaying. I knew, immediately, that I would be in Chicago – and I made it happen.

So here I go again, taking another risk and readying myself to leap – can’t wait to see how the universe catches me this time!

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