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Abandon of leaves

trailing wild on strings 

left by dancing breezes 

as they secretly make way

So too my fingers

flow without direction

to explore sensations

of my skin on my skin

Innocence reclaimed

playing no adult game

simply tracing the circles 

feeling myself feel myself –

Breath fills my bellow

my heart beat quickens

as everything else slows

I’m basking deep within

Perhaps to sacrifice

the pleasure of being

to savor and not justify

melting into life’s luxury 

Am I not raptured?

Taken up into ecstasy

bliss upends my doubts

surrendering grace abounds 

Simplest delicacies

warmth of sunbeam

spring’s cool breezes

sound of love humming 

Howling at the moon

encouraging strangers 

holding space for magick

to reclaim its beloved clan

These things I do

alone just for me

I do for all of Source

consciously collecting

No contented apathy

like constant re-dos

frustratingly unending

We’ll try as much as we do

Yet here at the gape

in Existence’s womb

other patterns create

as Self intimacy swoons 

That which we fear

has come to save us

granting us the triggers

to uncover healing roads

For joy I will also feel the pain

to help I will heal myself

I will dig through my own mire

to bloom above my muddy roots

Claiming destiny of the hero in me

I will scale peaks of my aspirations 

Facing the shadows of my ego’s haunts

blooming evermore for rediscovered Love

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