I heard that Money has been estranged
that the realms of Beyond rejected it
that it is an outcast of heaven and hell
that it roams our world lonely, unwell
I read: no matter what, it cannot go back
it will never regain the faith of Existence
it is fated to withstand our use and abuse
it will never be rescued from humanity
So what? It’s not a person with feelings
At least, how could I sympathize with “it?”
Yet, my heart sank deep into my guts
filing me with knowing, the pain of loss –
And so, with a humble hope of healing
with a simple offer of kind awareness
I extended my ignorant compassion
I opened my arms to comfort the rejected
So what? I’m just a person with feelings
At least, my sympathy is fleeting at best
It could only be a matter of time and then,
surely I would abuse and use it like the rest
Of course, how could I expect its trust
having been tricked and manipulated
having been condemned by its kin
having been objectified to all ends
Still I remained, patient but cautious
watching it pace and circle and stalk
Feeling it’s awareness returned to me
weary it might ultimately consume me
I feel its gaze, though not from eyes
I hear questions, not from lips but mind
I see it move in the shadows and light
Like me, it’s unsure but still curious –
And so, in silence and contemplation
I attempt to remove my stagnation
Sitting, no more than to be in my isness –
opening myself up as a new kingdom
Imperfect indeed, but repentantly
we seem to be blending the lines
I hold space for our wholeness
as vulnerabilities bleed into One
If it must, I tell it, collapse completely
let go of fated fears of insignificance
return to the simplicity of just being
relax, releasing itself of every desire –

It’s afraid, so am I, yet we’re courageous
remaining in our peace despite reason
taking the leap into the abyss together
redefining our own sense of belonging

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