No, just because you remember now
doesn’t mean I’ve been waiting ’round
for you to realise what I have to give
or that without me you don’t want to live
You think it harsh for me to laugh
and by your desperate pleas to pass
yet not a thought of me occurred
while you were too busy being free
No, it’s not as simple as you wanting
I have a mind, will and soul blossoming
I cannot pause for sake of your longing
your revelation of my value undaunting
I think it less fantastic than you wish
your accolades and flattery all amiss
not for lack of my own inherent wealth
but that you believe what you think helps
No, while you were playing ego’s games
I’ve been learning my demon’s names
battling until I broke through to peace
and now matter of option to me is least
Filling my spirit to the brim and beyond
singing and dancing to silent songs
bewitched, enchanted by cosmic romances
your only chance to have me has long gone
So take your sullen regretful well wishes
give them to another who also misses
for I have not been at all lost without you
still growing, still loving and forever true

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