Rushing and racing
people make her dizzy
Where is everyone going?
Why are you all in a hurry?
She takes her time to muse
Busyness lacks the finesse
her very soul emits
She looks deep into every moment
stretching time with meaning
Creating layers to her existence
She doesn’t go for the sake of going
She doesn’t do for the sake of having done
More likely to ask why than when
she’s really quite infuriating
Even to herself
Most times she feels lost
her reality a sea of sensations
Her body called by a Siren’s song
certainly to her own impending doom
Some moments are easier than others to get lost in
Her body is her ship
but it wants to be that mermaid
Enchanted with magic
diving beyond the deepest depths
Yet, she feels trapped in the surface
Or maybe it’s the opposite
maybe she’s a mermaid trapped on land
Maybe the Siren’s song is her heartbeat
and despite all possibilities, she feels beyond herself
Her body lacks the freedom of her mind and soul
Perhaps that’s why crowds feel suffocating
her social anxiety just a symptom
The voice of her own disembodied ego
her most wretched torment and guide
Much easier to deal with alone

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